Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Madea Goes to Chicago

Lee and I had our first Chicago Parks Golf experience last weekend. Lee has only been golfing out in the 'burbs since we got here, so he was skeptical.

His skepticism proved valid when we pulled into the neighborhood and saw this sign....

Rule #1: No selling drugs??

Huh. I thought selling drugs was actually against the law and not just "Respect"... weird.

Upon entering the golf course we came across a wedding complete with elaborate dresses, large church hats and The Jackson Five playing mid-ceremony.

On the course we were privy to a music festival where we heard things like... "Praaaaaise Jeeeeesuuuuus!" and "Goooood bless the south side! Goooood bless the west side!"


Lee: I feel like we walked into a Tyler Perry movie...

Me: Exactly.


Then... on hole 5, I hurt my back because apparently I'm 27 going on 70 and couldn't finish the round.

But on the plus side, as we trekked back to the car... we got to see the ghost of Ray Charles, smoking pot in the parking lot. (Seriously.. looked just like him. Plus he was wearing all white. White shoes, white pants, white shirt, white jacket, white tie, white sunglasses...)

Selling it? Against the rules... Smoking it? (In the church parking lot) No problem...

It was all too much so we went for margaritas...

I seriously hope my back gets better because I cannot wait to go back.