Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Bigg, The Beautiful

I had my first run in today with the Chicago PD…

I was walking Mr. Bigg around the park this morning, like I do every morning. And I was on part of a sidewalk that runs along a dead end street. As we neared the dead end a Chicago police suburban pulled up next to me. The officer rolled down the window – he was a huge, black man with a buzzed head and dark sunglasses. (Even though it was super cloudy outside… Maybe he was trying to look intimidating?? … it worked.)

He looked pissed.

Officer: How did you obtain my property?

Me: Excuse me?

Officer: How. Did. You. Obtain. My. Property?

At this point, both Mr. Bigg and I were staring at him sideways, like that was supposed to help make sense of this situation.

He motioned his head toward Mr. Bigg.

Me: Huh?

Then he burst out laughing…. like a deep belly laugh. He had cracked himself up.

Me? My laugh was more of an “I STILL have no idea what you’re talking about…but I’m going to laugh because you’re laughing” laugh.

Officer: That is the most beautiful dog!!! He is just beeeeeauuuuutiful!

Me: Oh, well, thanks.

Officer: Great dog! Great dog!

He is still laughing, he seems like quite a jolly man. Then he stops, regains the angry expression from before, rolls up his window and reverses down the street.


While this is all a little bizarre it’s not really that surprising.

Chicagoans love Mr. Bigg.

Every time I take him outside people oooo and ahhh over him. People stop me and ask questions about him, I don’t know if people here are just super friendly, or if they actually love my dog.

One lady threw her hands up, ran across the park and said, “OHHH! I’ve never seen a brown one before! He’s gorgeous!!!”

Really? She’s never seen a brown Chihuahua?

And those are just the two most dramatic situations…

Do they not have Chihuahuas in Chicago?

I guess I’m just confused because in Texas Chihuahuas don’t seem to be too popular.

(Unless you’re Hispanic... or gay... or just high maintenance…)

(But I'm just stereotyping...)

(Guess which stereotype I fall under...)

But not in Chicago.

Chicago loves Chihuahuas…

In Chicago, Bigg is Beautiful!

And I have to say, I don’t blame them for thinking so!