Monday, July 16, 2012

Murder She Wrote

I can’t sleep. I’m restless, and I find myself writing blog entries in my head, which I will never remember in the morning so now I’m blogging...

I was writing an entry about moving, our neighborhood and general Chicago-ness. I was doing a little “research” via Google and I found this…

What’s this you ask?

Oh you know, just your everyday interactive map of murder.

No. Kidding.

Through this site you are able to get the latest on all thing homicide.

For example, I just learned that there have been 27 stabbing deaths recorded this year. The same number as all stabbing related murders in 2011.

And did you know, that by the end of June Chicago had seen 250 homicides, which is up 36% from last year and is the worst start to a year in 9 years? 9 YEARS!!!

This. Is. Not. Good.

Not good for my overactive imagination. Not good for paranoia.

I’m never going to sleep….