Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's Normal Anyway?

I just got attacked by a 4 inch centipede while in the shower.... (centipede? ... millipede? I don't know. It was snake like, but with legs... lots of legs.)

I was in the middle of a particularly sudsy shampoo... when I feel something smack against my foot.

I think... "wow... I really hope that wasn't a clump of hair... My head can't afford to lose that much hair in one shower."

Then it dawns on me... it's squirming... hair doesn't squirm...

I peer through the bubbles to see a huge centipede/millipede clutching my foot like a life raft.

But that's not the crazy part... the crazy part is that I didn't freak out...

I didn't scream.

I didn't jump up and down.

I didn't run out of the shower.

And I didn't slip, fall, and bust my bum.

I brushed him off. Like he was nothing, like it was normal to have an encounter with an invertebrate while in the shower. Then, I watched him crawl away underneath the shower door.

What's. wrong. with. me?

My 15-year-old brother arrives from the states in 4 hours. I can't wait for him to be here. I'm looking forward to him seeing all this, experiencing this place, and to remind me what's normal. But then again, what's normal anyway?

PS - This was supposed to be a tweet. But then I couldn't remember my password. And then it was longer than 140 characters. I think I'll just quit trying to be a tweeter.