Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This is American Idol

Last season of American Idol was the first full season Lee and I have ever watched.

A. Because we have nothing better to do... and B. Because American Idol and Glee are some of the only American shows the Philippines air almost immediately following the live broadcast in the states.

We really liked the show. Between dishing out our own "expert" criticisms to the TV, egging on Simon and making fun of Randy, we looked forward to it every week.

Neither of us were very excited about the upcoming season since Simon's departure from the show... but I was still willing to watch.

Lee stumbles in after a particularly lengthy, "I'm going to stop for a beer on the way home."

Me: American Idol is on!

Lee: Eh...

Me: What? You don't want to watch this season?

Lee: Eh...

(There tends to be very little conversation on his part after nights like these... but then...)

Lee: Whoa...

Me: What?

Lee: You know what's scary?

Me: Huh?

Lee: Randy is now the most down to earth judge on the show.

Me: No he's not...


Me: Sooo....

Lee: Have you seen Steven Tyler? He looks like he's made out of Play-dough!