Monday, February 28, 2011

Bollywood, Bangles & Bindis

It's been ten days since my last post, which means I'm due for a new one. And I've been meaning to write about our Bollywood Ball Fundraiser put on by the local international ladies group. Unfortunately, I've spent the last 24 hours feeling like death and sleeping on the bathroom floor so I won't have to get out of bed for false alarms. (I swear something in the country is trying to kill me.) So this post will be short and sweet, A.) Because I'm weak, also very lazy. and B.) Because there are many stories I want to share, but I won't. It has come to my attention that women around here actually read my blog and I would hate to say anything that could get me cornered in a bathroom at our next general meeting. I don't have a death wish.

So all I can offer you is pictures... enjoy.

Lee was not thrilled with the idea of a Bollywood theme...

Me: Guess what the theme is for the annual fundraiser...

Lee: What?

Me: Bollywood! We are supposed to dress Indian.

Lee: Sweet! Can I wear a head dress?

Me: Ha! Wrong Indians.

Lee: Dang. Well, I'll just wear one any way.

Me: That's inappropriate.

Lee: What? You can just tell everyone I got confused.

Me: Absolutely not.

We did have to get some normal pants however. The ones that came with the outfit were tight around his ankles, and he could fit one of our throw pillows down front. He looked like Humpty Dumpty. (I have a picture of this... however, I would like to stay married so... sorry.)

Also, I took pictures of pictures for this post because I don't have the energy for scanning.

So. Very. Lazy.