Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Australian Walk-a-bout: Part 3 - Sydney

I'm finally finishing up the Australian posts... Tasmania was our favorite part of the trip, and after writing about it I lost all inspiration for part three. Don't get me wrong, we loved Sydney... there just wasn't much that was blog worthy, and at this point it just feels like I'm writing a really bad "threequel."

So... It's back to the notes.

First day in Sydney...

Ha! Life size statue of legos?... Lee's going to get excited in 3...2...

Lee: Legos! I love legos!!

Me: Ha... yep! Do you want me to take your picture?

Lee: Yeeesss!!

I took this super creepy picture of Lee...

It looks like the Opera house isn't even real... like it's some phony back drop. It really freaks me out. Lee calls it the Vanna White picture.

New Years Eve

10:30 am - Get in line for a spot in the harbor to see the fireworks

12:30 pm - Still in line...

A sky writer writes a marriage proposal...
It took at least 15 minutes to get his far... (For a long time it said, "Marry Me B," this got people guessing out loud. Beth...? Bitch...? Yes, bitch. Very romantic.)

Then he started to write the rest... I can't think of any names that start with Beh... I think he messed it up.

Moral of the story... never use a sky writer to propose. It took forever, and the "marry me" part was gone by the time he finished her name. Very anticlimactic.

1:30 pm - We finally get inside the park and find a spot. And we wait... Only 10 1/2 hours to go.

I'm somewhere in that picture... it's very Where's Waldo...

For the next seven hours we take turns sitting in the shade, sleeping, applying sun screen, reading and walking around the park to look at all the people.

8:00 pm - The bats come out. Huge bats. I narrowly escape an air missile. A poop missile. Bat poop.

Me: Hmmm... what is that? That looks like chocolate. A chocolate chip? Maybe. I like chocolate chips. Hmmm... ( I touch it with my finger.) Eww.. a melted chocolate chip? But melted or not they are still delicious. Wait... we didn't have any chocolate chips. OMG! That's poop! I almost ate poop!


Later we got herded into a photo shoot with a bunch of drunken Aussies. They claimed to want a picture with everyone in Sydney. They even tried to convince a quite elderly asian man, (who I'm pretty sure didn't speak much english,) to take pictures with them. He kept trying to escape to find his family, but the crazy photographer dressed in beer mug shaped glasses and a king's cape was adamant about keeping him in the photo.

Crazy King Aussie: Sir, Please. Get in the photo! Sir, get in the photo please, just one photo.

Old Man: But... (He points in another direction,) But...

Crazy King Aussie: Sir, just one photo. Just one photo sir. Now, smile. Can you give us a little wave. A little wave for the photo.

This went on for about 5 minutes before the poor man slipped away in the crowd.

Somewhere... on someone's Facebook page... there is a picture of about ten drunk Australians dressed in boas, crowns, beer shaped glasses and capes, me and Lee, and one terrified old man.
A classic New Year's Eve.


12:00 am - Happy New Year!!! Best. Fireworks. Ever.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2011.