Friday, January 28, 2011

I'll Follow You Until You Love Me.. Papa... Paparazzi

Lee: So this guy at work sent me some creepy pictures of you.

Me: Excuse me?

Lee: Yeah, I got this email with weird pictures of you.

Me: Pictures of me doing what exactly?

Lee: I don't know. They are pretty close up though.

Me: Oh, well that's great.

Lee: Yeah, I think they're from the Christmas party.

Me: Hmm... now that you mention it... there was some guy who kept taking pictures of me. I tried to ignore it.


Lee forwarded the pictures to me... and they are everything he said they would be.

Creepy. Weird. And far too close up for my liking.

Four completely random pictures, which perfectly illustrate my emotions of the day.

First we have what I call, "Realization..."

(So... we are going to sit here for 5 hours and watch a talent show?)

... then, "Confusion..."

(Like, I can't believe this is happening - or - I can't believe there is a stage full of Filipino cowboys attempting a line dance to a Shania Twain song...)

... "Hope..."
(As in, I hope this guy can actually sing because the last guy made my ears bleed...)

... and of course my personal favorite...
"Extreme Irritation..."

(You would think it would be common knowledge that microphones amplify your voice... and therefore, screaming is not necessary while in use.)

Oh, the number of times this look crosses my face per day.