Monday, December 20, 2010

Chip Off the Old Block

Leaving the chip aisle at the grocery store...

Lee: Ha! You know what's funny?

Me: Huh?

Lee: I was just thinking about chips... and then... I saw this...
Lee: Chips!

Me: Yep...

Lee: But they aren't chips! They're cookies!

Me: Yeeeesss... but they have, chocolate chips in them..

Lee: Ahhhh.... Ha!

(I swear you can actually see the lights flick on inside his head...)

In the car on the way home...

Me: hahahahaha

Lee: What?

Me: I'm still laughing about you and chips. You do know I'm writing about this...?

Lee: No... I mean... some people call fries, chips. Or cookies, biscuits. I just thought maybe cookies used to be called chips.

Me: Ummm... no.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I know... I know...

This is the longest I've gone without writing.

But hey, I've been busy.

Really busy.

In the last 2 months, I've...

Flown to the states...
(A 20 hour journey, which involved me, in a middle seat... lovely.)

... made a teary scene with my mom in the airport lobby...
(We cry every time... sappy? A little. But, we embarrassed my 15-year-old brother... so it was worth it.)

... spent an amazing weekend with three of my best friends on the Riverwalk...

(Unfortunately, we also witnessed girl-on-girl action in our hotel lobby bar... there were tongues... there were nipples... we were more than a little shocked. But hey, it was Halloween... and if you can't dress up like a roller derby girl and put your hands down a strangers pants in public on Halloween, then when can you...)

... threw my little sister a lingerie shower...

(Boobilicious Cake... I gave the left overs to Lee... which he couldn't eat without giggling...)

... and a bachelorette party...
(I bet my sister $20 she would puke. I won.)

... had several meals with old friends...

(Note: It is never a good idea to go for a 2 hour sushi/saki lunch with a girlfriend before a dentist appointment. My new patient forms were illegible. Not only did I misspell the word international... "intrenatonal," but I messed up my address... twice. I ended up leaving half of the information blank... I can't even find my "group" number when I'm sober. To make things worse... I'm sure my breath smelled like pickled fish.... so I won't be going back there.)

... celebrated more than half a dozen birthdays including my own...
(26... yikes. Just one more step closer to 30.)

... grieved the sudden and tragic loss of a dear friend...

... made wedding programs, a slideshow, button bouquets, signs, center pieces... orchestrated a dress rehearsal... decorated the theatre and the reception hall...
(It's a time like a wedding when it's nice to have a control freak sister/maid-of-honor. Or perhaps not...)

... visited with my family from all parts of the world...
(And don't think I won't be taking all of you up on those, "You should come visit me offers..." I shall be making appearances in Tulsa, London, Manhattan, St. Tropez, Magnolia, Houston, Las Vegas, San Antonio and Paris... but not necessarily in that order.)

... danced my ass off at my sister's wedding...
(See proof below...)

... spent my first Thanksgiving with both our families...
(I stuffed my face until I was miserable and swore I'd never eat again... 3 hours later... I stuffed my face until I was miserable and swore I'd never eat again.)

... played golf with my dad.
(Yes, I beat him. Yes, it was the first time. And yes, I saved the scorecard. I may frame it.)

... enjoyed a 4 hour lunch with my siblings...
(Yes, 4 hours... People came in the restaurant... people left the restaurant... I'm sure the pizza boys thought we had become permanent residents there. By the time we left the restaurant it was already time for my next feeding.)

... spent time with my adorable niece... the most beautiful baby in the world.
(And I can say that... because it's true. And I can prove it.)

(See.. I told you. I know ugly babies... I see them everyday. She is not an ugly baby. Not to mention she's smart. Although, not smart enough to learn my name by the time I left... but she's only 9 months old... I'll cut her a little slack.)

So yeah... busy.

But I'm writing to say I'm back.

I'm back in the Philippines... I'm back to writing again.

And this time I'm going to write more.

I got in the habit of only writing when I thought something was funny, or out of the ordinary. In other words, when something was "Only in the Philippines..." And I forgot the whole purpose of my blog in the first place.

I started writing my blog for me.

For me, writing is a release, it's a coping mechanism, it's a hobby and a passion. And I forgot that.

I started writing this blog for my family and friends. As a way for them to keep up with us, and share in the adventure that we started some 20 months ago.

I want to get my blog back to the beginning... back to it's roots... when I wrote three times a week, instead of three times a month. When I wrote about all our adventures, not just the ones that made me laugh.

I want to make the most of the last six months we have here and really tell you all of our experiences here in the Philippines.

So that's it, that's my New Year's Resolution for 2011. I just hope it lasts longer than resolutions in the past... otherwise I'll have quit writing by February 2.