Friday, October 1, 2010

The City That Always Spits

Lee and I went to Hong Kong and Macau last weekend. And while we had a great time not much happened which I consider blog worthy. I did however take my usual notes, which I'll just recreate here... I really am becoming quite the lazy blogger.

While walking down the street something warm and wet fell on my neck...

Me: Um... umm... ha... ah.. umm.. Lee! Lee!

Lee: What?!

Me: I think a bird pooped on me! On my neck, can you tell? Is it poop?

Lee: ha, what?

Me: Right there, poop? bird poop?!

Lee: I don't see anything...

Me: Ha, it's water! Just water! Really warm water, yuck. Wow, I was really terrified there for a second.


Got spit on several more times while walking down the street. (Not by people... just to be clear. The people here don't know me well enough yet not to like me.)

Me: You know, I'd like this place a lot more if I didn't get spit on everyone 10 seconds. Where is this random water coming from anyway?

Lee: The air conditioners.

Me: What? Are they cooling the outside?

Lee: *"The I'm not even going to respond to that" look*

Tasty Buns...


Went to get reflexology done on our feet... Lee was not happy about it...

Me: Ok! This is the place! I'm so excited!!

Lee: Fifty minutes! I didn't know it took that long! I don't want to do this!

Me: You're doing it.

(Lee was not happy about reflexology... mostly because he has ticklish feet, but don't tell him I told you.)

50 minutes later...

Lee: That. Was. Awesome. How was yours?

Me: Awesome? I am in SERIOUS pain!

Lee: Really?!

Me: Yeah, I just got man-handled! ... By a little Chinese WOMAN! It felt like she was jabbing chopsticks into the bottom of my feet. But I looked! It was just her thumbs!

Lee: My guy was great.

Me: Then! She was rubbing my shoulders and was all..."ohhh... you so tight... you need full body massage." Umm... no. That's bone! It's my freakin' shoulder blade! .... Ugh, it hurts to walk.

Our calves were sore for 3 days after my "brilliant" idea.

Dinner at The Peninsula...

I'm sure this guy is important and all... but does his face have to be on the back of all the chairs... totally creepy.

Pub Crawl in Lan Kwai Fong...

First Stop? Stormies. Jello Shot syringes and an array of awesome music...

A sample of the playlist?

- I love Rock and Roll, Joan Jett
- Don't You (Forget About Me), Simple Minds

Me: Wow, music videos in the 80's rocked!


Lee: You ready to go to the next bar?

Me: Umm... no the music rocks here!

Lee: I thought we were supposed to be having one drink and then moving on to the next place.

Me: Alright, fine. When they play a song I don't like, then we can go.

Music: Give it to me baby, uh huh uh huh... and all the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy.

Lee: Sweet, can we go now?

Me: Hell no! You don't like this song?! "Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco cinco, seis. You know it's kind of hard just to get along today, our subject isn't cool but he thinks it anyway, he may not have a clue and he may not have style, but everything he lacks well he makes up in denial!"

Lee: Seriously? I can't believe you know all the words to this song.

Me: Duh! This is a classic. I can't believe you don't!


Me: Ok... ok... we can leave after this song. I love this song! "Neeewww Yooork concrete jungle where dreams are made of...." My favorite part is when he says, "The city never sleeps better slip you an Ambien." Jay Z is clever... I like clever.

Lee: Well, what makes it better is the line before that, "MDMA got you feeling like a champion..."

Me: What's MDMA?

Lee: Ecstasy

Me: And how do you know?

Lee: Because... I'm a scientist.


People watching at Agave... a favorite past time of ours...

Lee: Ooohh oh oh!

Me: Rolled up jorts?

Lee: Yes! High five!