Thursday, July 15, 2010

French Kisses

Americans should really not even try to greet each other like the French.

Is the whole “double cheek kissing” business complicated? Or is it just me?

Either way, first day in France and I nearly kissed two different men on the lips. (Sorry Lee, both accidents… I swear.)

Mostly, I screw it up.

The worst was when it was me and another American… we really should have just shook hands… but you know, “When in France…” Mistake.

I’m all… “ok left, no right, right? Or left, left, right left, left, right. Which way is he going?!” There was a moment of panic right before we almost kissed on the lips. Then he says, “Well, that was a close one. Your husband would have been mad at me!”

Wow… That. Is. Mortifying.

Note: If you want to “bisous” then fine… but from now on you can kiss me on the cheeks, but I’m not moving.