Saturday, July 3, 2010

Death & Destruction

Remember about a year ago, when we were invaded by bugs and I claimed that if killing bugs was an Olympic sport I would be the Michael Phelps of bug killing?

Remember how bugs were flying in the bed room and they were multiplying before my very eyes, and Lee was not helpful?

Remember how he left the room because I was "annoying" him, when in fact I was on a Rambo-Rampage, saving him from the worst bug infestation in history?

If not, then I shall refer you to I'm Michael Phelps... except with bugs.

But if you do remember, then I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.


Last night I heard a shrill shrieking sound coming from downstairs.

This could only be one thing...

Lee. Has. Seen. A. Bug.

Coming down the stairs I'm all, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Bedroom door swings open, Lee's all, "We've been invaded!!!"

Door Slams.

I'm all, "Invaded? Invaded by what?"

Door opens, "Invaded by bugs!!! They are everywhere!!! I heard them in the bathroom... they were all fluttering by my ears... I could hear them everywhere!!" (This is all said while he jumps about smacking his ears...)

I'm all, "Ha. Yeah.. this happened before, remember?? And I took care of it. Your turn."

Sweet victory.


Of course I ended up helping him because he was making rookie mistakes... and also because I'm a control freak.

We marched around the house... a flip flop in each hand swatting bugs through the air... and smashing them on the floor.

When we were finished the place looked like a war zone.

Dead bodies scattered across the floor...

Me: Now, we have to kill the ones outside.

Lee: Outside? No.

Me: Yes. And I'm going to video.

Lee: No, you just want to catch me on video screaming like a girl.

Me: *Evil Grin*


Please note the "slaughter music" (Lee's words) that was chosen for this epic event.

I screamed more than he did...


Perhaps it was the camera or the slaughter music.

Either way, he makes an excellent Jason Lezak.