Friday, July 2, 2010

Bite Me

I've hit a new low...

Today marks the first time I have ever gone to the movies by myself.

And not that that's a bad thing. I'm not one of those people that can't eat by themselves in a restaurant or doesn't like to do things alone. In fact, sometimes I prefer it.

But today, I didn't see just any movie... I saw Eclipse!

And if you remember, The Saga... then you know how excited I was.

Many of the nicer movie theaters in the Philippines have assigned seating. You pick your seat when you buy your ticket, which I like because then I don't have to wait in line for four hours to get a good seat.

(Lee isn't a fan. He likes to be able to move about freely, away from crying baby, obnoxious teenagers, or that one guy who wants to commentate the movie for those sitting close by.)

Of course, I picked the one lone seat smack-dab in the middle of the theatre, much to the displeasure of the other movie patrons who were already seated.

I'm all, "excuse me... pardon me... oops, spilled a little popcorn there... you can eat it... I'm sure it's still good. Whoa, didn't realize it would have already started, thought there would be previews... excuse me. Hi, yeah... this is me. Yeah, that's my seat. Yes. Please move your shit. Don't roll your eyes at me... Yes I'm here alone, and yes... I am wearing a vampire t-shirt. Oh Bite Me!"

Ha! Get it? Pun so intended...

Obviously, only the first two sentences actually came out of my mouth... In reality, I ducked my head and scrambled to my seat through irritated huffs, and smiled real big hoping the girl with the rolly eyeballs would move her stuff out of my seat without me having to get physical, or say something that might get me beat up by a theatre full of Filipinos.

I can't think of anything more embarrassing then getting beat up in a movie theatre, while wearing a vampire t-shirt.

P.S. - I used to think I was pretty cool. But after reading what I just wrote, I can confirm that is no longer the case. The "Bite Me" thing was over the top. It's OK to be embarrassed for me.

On that note, I might as well admit that I was thinking about getting the Edward Cullen action figure...

and then I read this...

How. Awesome. Was. That?

I could keep myself entertained for weeks...

Now, I am definitely getting the Edward Cullen action figure, and maybe Jacob too.

It will totally freak Lee out...

He will not be pleased.