Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup

Today is Lee's birthday.

And in honor of the guy who has given me much so to write about, today, I will post a story about me. (I guess he deserves a break... Also, I never say anything ridiculous... well, until yesterday.)


Lee has a World Cup application on his phone, and last night we were laying in bed looking at the upcoming games.

Well, he was looking at the games.

I was trying to figure out which flags represented which countries.



Me: England. Duh.

Me: France.

Me: Italy. I'm pretty good at this.


Me: Hmm... Nnnn...zzzzz.... I don't know. I see the N and the Z together and all I can think about are Nazis.

Lee: New Zealand.

Me: Ooohh! Yeah, that would make more sense.


Me: I have no idea, but the flag is almost identical to the Texas flag. They must be pretty cool.

Lee: Yeah, it's similar. But it's Chile.

Me: Yeah, they seem pretty cool. (I like their wines anyway.)


Me: Paaa....Paaarrrr... Ugh! I don't know. It has the same colors as the French flag... and the PAR just makes me think Paris. But it's not Paris! ...right?

Lee: Right.

Me: Paaarrrr! Paaaaaaaaarrr....


Me: Oh.


Me: GHANA! Ha! And that's a hard one.



Lee: Hmmm... I don't think so.

Me: Really? Well, it has all those stars on it... it seems like something an Asian country would do.


Me: What?!

Lee: An Asian country? Hahahaha! You do realize that we have 50 stars on our flag right?!?

Me: Oh yeah. Ha. Oops.


Me: I was probably just thinking of Japan's flag...

Lee: HAHAHAHAHA! Japan's flag doesn't have any stars at all!

Me: Oh yeah, I knew that.


Me: South Korea?

No. Way off.

Turns out, the flag I was picturing was Turkey.

And since Turkey is considered a Eurasian country I'm going to give myself half credit.


Happy Birthday Babe.