Monday, June 7, 2010

What were you thinking?

Well... this should be addressed....

Seriously Pringles...?

Soft Shell Crab??... Grilled Shrimp??... SEA-WEED?!?!

I mean...I've stood by you through the Guacamole and the Bacon Ranch.

Hell, even the Pizza wasn't horrible.

But this? This is too far.

It's obvious they were trying to find flavors for the Asian market, because no where else in the world would these flavors last.

Can't you just see the people at Pringles brainstorming about which flavors would go over well in Asia...

"Hmm... I don't think they know what Guacamole is... but I think they eat a lot of that sushi-seaweed crap... that's it!! Sea-weed flavored chips! Genius."

Because honestly no one was actually thinking... "Mmmm... soft shell crab flavored potato chips! Well that sounds delicious." NO.

Mixing seafood and potato chips is a bad idea. (Unless, you're a brit and the "chips" are actually french fries... because let's face it, fish and "chips" is scrumptious.)

I would say only in the Philippines... but I'm pretty sure Pringles sent these flavors to Japan.. and Japan said, "Well, this is crap..." and sent it to us.

So.. maybe by now, it's only in the Philippines...