Monday, May 17, 2010

Twitter It

Lee: You know how... sometimes... you think you feel your phone vibrate... but you reach for it... and it wasn't vibrating...? (He's from Texas... sometimes he talks slow.)

Me: Yeah.

Lee: Do you think that happened before people had cell phones?

Me: No.

Lee: Yeah, like you felt a vibration on your leg but you just didn't think anything of it because you didn't have a cell phone. It was just like, "Oh, that was weird."

Me: No. Absolutely not.

Lee: I think maybe.

Me: No, thinking you feel your phone vibrate is a reaction to your subconscious. It's not like your leg is actually vibrating, and you think it's your phone. That's ridiculous.

Lee: I don't think so.

Me: Seriously...?

Lee: Yeah. We should take a poll.

Me: A poll?

Lee: Yeah, can't you twitter it or whatever it's called.

Me: You want me to Tweet about this? You want me to get on twitter... and ask people if they felt vibrations in their pockets before they had cell phones? And if they did, did they think it was weird?

Lee: Yeah.

Me: You know I'm writing about this right?...

In case you're wondering I didn't "twitter it." I felt it would take more than 140 characters to even attempt to explain this. But feel free to weigh in on the matter... I'm sure Lee would love to learn the results of this poll.

Question 1:

Before you started carrying a cellphone, did you ever feel the sensation of vibrations in your pants pocket?

Yes or No

Question 2:

If you answered "Yes," to Question 1, After the random vibration in your pants... did you think, "Oh, that was weird."?

Yes or No

If you answered "No," to Question 1, Congratulations you are not insane.

Thank you for participating.