Sunday, May 30, 2010

Operation 9 Lives: Mission Accomplished?


Well... almost...

I went outside to look for the cats one last time.

I opened the hood of the car, and there they sat... both of them!

I was so relieved.

I'm not a kitten killer after all!!

But now, it was serious...

I needed a plan... and a good one.

I needed a full proof trap...


Tuna and Mr. Bigg's kennel.

I made a trail of tuna from underneath the car to the cage...

and then at the back of the kennel I put the can of tuna.


Full. Proof. Plan.

I went to the kitchen and watched from the screen door...

Once I was out of sight it only took about 30 seconds for the kittens to crawl down from their hiding spot... then little by little they ate their way to the kennel.

They were falling into my trap...

Once I was sure they were completely inside, I snuck out the front door...

crept around the cage...

...and slammed the door shut!


Yes. I actually yelled that... while jumping around my front yard. (My neighbors must think I'm completely nuts.)

It was exhilarating... I'm actually thinking about becoming a professional cat catcher.

The kittens however...

The kittens were pissed.

And now that I had actually caught them... I wasn't quite sure what to do next.

I asked around... nobody wanted my cats.

I called the vet... he said, "Find somebody to adopt them." (Not helpful... thanks.)

I asked Chat...

Me: Chat!! I caught the kittens! I caught them!

Chat: Hehehe, yes ma'am very good.

Me: But now, I don't know what to do with them. I can't keep them, but I don't want them to get killed.

Chat: You want me to take ma'am?

Me: Well, do you want them?

Chat: No... Filipina not so much have cat as pets... only outside.

So if, "Filipina not so much have cat as pets," then I was running out of options.

Plan B?

Let the kittens go.

Later that night Mama Cat was outside my fence meowing... she obviously couldn't find her babies... and was more than a little mad at me.

So I took them out to the street to be with Mama... I opened the cage... and set them free.

Mission Accomplished? No.

Flash ran towards Mama...


Oh, Puss ran back to The Green Machine. He slid under the tiniest crack under the gate and headed straight for the death trap.


The next morning, I found both kittens sitting on the engine.

Operation 9 Lives was a complete waste of time...

Not to mention I have been out smarted by kittens... not my proudest moment.

Now every time we take out the car... I open the hood... check for cats... and then cover my ears when the car starts, and hope I don't see fur fly.