Monday, May 24, 2010

Operation 9 Lives: Is a Go...

I've been hearing meowing around my house for a couple weeks.

I open the door. Nothing.

I check outside. Nothing.

I'm crazy? The thought crossed my mind.

Some people hear voices in their head...

Me? I hear cats meow.

And I don't even like cats.

But today I was up on the balcony and I saw two tiny kittens in my front yard.

A larger cat, who I assumed to be their mother was on the other side of the fence, making a dreadful noise and the kittens looked frantic to join her. But with the wiring around the bottom of our fence, there was no way out.

I went downstairs to open the gate, but as soon as I opened the front door the kittens ran under the car.

I looked under the car only to see the last of a little tail disappear.

Now they are under the hood... great.

My dad killed a cat this way once. It had crawled up by the engine, he started the car, and yuck...

I decided these kittens would not share the same fate... I may be a chicken killer... but I'll be damned if I kill kittens.

Thus began... "Operation 9 Lives"

I'm tweeting my progress...

I can't find a place where the kittens could have gotten in the yard, so I don't know if they can actually get out.

And I have noticed that Mama Cat brings them pieces of food, (I.E. - left overs from my trash...) and leaves it underneath the car.

The only thing I can guess is that she is keeping them there, to protect them from the
scary-mangy-one-eared-cats that roam the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, our car is a potential Green Kitten Killing Machine...

So I'm devising a plan...