Thursday, May 27, 2010

Operation 9 Lives: Day 3



Dogs. Cats hate dogs. Even little dogs like Mr. Bigg.

So I got Mr. Bigg pumped up about cats....

Me: Mr. Bigg! Where are the cats?

Mr. Bigg: *Ears Perk*

Me: Mr. Bigg! Where are the cats?!

Mr. Bigg: Grrr...rrrr...grrr

Me: Mr. Bigg, Go get the cats!

Mr. Bigg: Bark..Bark..

I'm fully aware I'm insane... but hey, he talks back...

(Can't decide if that makes it better or worse.)

I opened the front door... Mr. Bigg bounds into the front yard barking but instead of chasing kittens out the gate... they run back up underneath the car.


Because I forgot to open the gate...BIG FAIL.

Kittens: 1 Mr. Bigg: 0

He looks so defeated...

He's kind of a drama queen...