Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Words With Husband

Lee and I are leaving for our vacation to Japan, which is a relief because I've been buried under mounds of Japanese travel information for weeks.

I have learned "Thank You," and "Please." And I have been practicing my bows. I can only hope they still aren't upset about my conspiracy theories, otherwise this could make for a very uncomfortable vacation.

The other day I was reading to Lee out of my travel bible... "Lonely Planet: Japan," about some of the places we are going to see.

Me: "... it serves as a repository for many Buddhist Monks."

Lee: Ha!

Me: No. Re-pository. Not suppository.

Lee: Oh. See there is no need for you to play Words with Friends, you can just play "Words with Husband."


This guy is my travel partner?

So wish me luck in Japan. I will definitely need it. And stay tuned for our Japanese adventures!

P.S. - I am addicted to Words with Friends. My name is KBBMUSE if you want to play me. But I'll only play you if you promise not to cheat. My Dad cheats and it is most annoying!