Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Totally Worth It

After a few days in Tokyo, we took the train to Hiroshima and while we were there we went on a dinner cruise to Miyajima to see the Itsukushima-jinja shrine.

(And no. I don't know how to pronounce that... I had trouble with many of the shrine and temple names... not to mention the subway lines. So Lee and I made up our own names... for example, the Marunouchi line was the Mariachi Line, and the Hanzomon line became the Hans Solo line... and so forth... it was much easier that way.)

Dinner cruises tend to be a little hoakey, so I was definitely expecting a cheese factor, but I knew we wouldn't get to see the shrine any other way.

When we boarded the ship, we were greeted by the captain and the crew and then escorted to the dining room. The empty dining room.

Me: This is weird. Where is everyone else?

Lee: I don't know.

(20 minutes later)

Me: So, the boat leaves in five minutes... and we are still the only ones on here. You don't think they would take the ship out for just one reservation right? That can't even be worth it. The crew must be pissed. They think they have the night off, but no... two dumb tourists show up.

Lee: If we just chartered our own dinner cruise than it was worth every penny!

Me: *roll my eyes*


Three other couples showed up right before we were supposed to leave the dock. Apparently, Japan also runs on Philippine time where, "Be there at 5," actually means "Get there whenever you want, thirty seconds before the ship leaves is fine." (Or perhaps I'm just a bit anal...)

Dinner was actually really good. Which proves Japan has amazing food, because the food on dinner cruises is awful. Even Lee thought it was good. And he doesn't usually like his dinner to come in several small courses.

Me: The food was really good! I love Japan!

Lee: Yeah, it was good.

Me: It was definitely worth it. Plus, it's Easter... we are treating ourselves.

Lee: Yeah, but you seem to always "treat" yourself.

Me: You only live once.

Lee: Yeah, but I'll need to live a few times to pay for your ass.

To make things even better, the cruise wasn't even cheesy. We ate dinner on the boat, cruised by the shrine, watched the sunset and that was it. Of course, we didn't understand a word that was said since we don't speak Japanese... but it's probably better that way.