Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Incident...

"Well... there's been an incident..."

These were the exact words Lee said to me when he called me at five o'clock in the morning while I was back in the states.

I sat down on the floor and prepared myself for a blow.

He was on the phone... so obviously, he was fine.

So the next thing I thought of was Mr. Bigg, my dog.

Expecting the worst, I sat there holding my breath and waiting for him to say it...

"Someone broke into our house... "

"Ok, so..."

"When I wasn't there..."

Ok... get there faster Lee!


He should never be allowed to deliver bad news. There is format people! Reassurance first... bad news follows.


"I'm not hurt, so don't freak out but I got in car wreck."

You don't say...

"I've been a horrible accident... oh, and by the way I'm alright."

No. No. No.
So, I'll tell the story... like it should be told.

While Lee was at work, and Mr. Bigg was at a friend's house, somebody broke into our house. They got into our safe but only stole a little bit of cash and Lee's watch; (Lee's fake watch... Ha.) even though our passports, credit cards and a laptop were also in the safe.

Nobody was hurt and there wasn't any damage except for the broken lock on the door.

We were very lucky.

Apparently, there was an investigation... which I'm very sorry I missed out on, I can only imagine what that entailed... but it was decided that whoever did it, broke in during the day when they figured no one was home, only took things they could fit in their pockets, and they wouldn't come back again.

This made me feel better... until I got back home.

Now, I'm pretty paranoid to begin with...

I do a thorough inspection of the area around ATM's before getting out of my car... I wait until all shady individuals wearing hoodies have left convenient stores before I drive away... just incase they shoot the store clerk and I have to call 911, (I don't trust people who wear hoods...) I always lock my doors immediately when I get in my car at night, and I check the back seat to make sure no one is lying back there ready to put a gun to my head.

Do I watch too many crimes shows and bad movies?


Do I read too many chain emails about personal safety? Or what to do if you get kidnapped?


(Note: If you ever do get kidnapped and they put you in the trunk... you should kick out the tail lights and wave to traffic... just so you know.)

So needless to say, a home invasion has not been good for my blood pressure.

Being from Texas, my first thought was to get a gun.

But... I don't know the gun laws here in the Philippines, and a Filipino prison sounds like a fate worse than death.

Plus, Lee told me they don't allow paranoid people to carry guns... so it looks like a kitchen knife is all I've got.

To make things worse Mr. Bigg is just as paranoid as I am. He has started to bark at everything he hears. In the past, I would just tell him to be quiet but now every time he makes a noise I'm looking out the window or checking the doors.

The other day Mr. Bigg started a bark which was so intense all four feet were coming off the ground. I walked out of my bedroom fully prepared to see someone standing on the stair case. When no one was there, I grabbed the dog and went outside. On the fence sat one of the many diseased felines that roam our neighborhood. Mr. Bigg had seen him through the window, and obviously he was pissed. But I had been never been so happy to see one of those cats. It was then I realized how scared I had been because my legs were trembling and I burst into tears.

There have been a few more neighborhood break-ins, so our home owners association has pitched in for two roaming guards. They drive around on a motorcycle 24 hours a day, and that has given me some piece of mind.

Then the other day Lee saw these guys driving through the neighborhood....

Task Force?

How official...

And they carry a baseball bat?

Now, if that doesn't make you feel safe... nothing will. :)