Sunday, April 18, 2010

I think I'm turning Japanese

We've been back from Japan for over a week now. And I've been meaning to blog about our adventures, but I haven't been able to... because I've been depressed.

Why have I been depressed, you ask?

Only because Japan is officially my new favorite place on the planet and I miss it very much.

Well, to be more specific... Tokyo is my new favorite place on the planet.

Tokyo is like New York City's quirky younger sister...

Nobody understands anything she does or says, but you just can't help but love her.

That sister.

But getting there wasn't so peachy...


Our flight left Manila at 4:30 am.


Which couldn't possibly be any fault of mine. I swear!

When I booked the flight, it departed at 6:30... but whatever. I blame Philippine Airlines.

This meant we had to leave our house at midnight to get to the airport by 2:30 to make our flight at 4:30. Which means neither of us slept, and both of us were our typically fabulous selves, while we waited in the world's longest ticket and security lines. (Although we did come up with several ways to make the airline run much more efficiently. So if the president of the airline would like to give us a call, we would be more than happy to share a little bit of our expertise. Although, I might share a bit more than expertise, so it would be in your best interest to talk to Lee.)

After an equally frustrating lay-over in Cebu, where apparently signs don't actually mean what they say, and after we were spoken to like children, "Do. Yoou. Understaaand?"

No, I don't understand... because where I come from a sign that says, "international connections" with an arrow, means I follow the arrow to my international connection. I don't go in the opposite direction... walk outside the airport and across the terminal. So, do you understand that you are the idiot here, not us?!

Lack of sleep combined with stupidity does not make me or Lee very tolerable people.

After our four and a half hour flight to Narita, combined with an hour train ride to Ueno, and a thirty minute subway ride to Roppongi we were finally at our stop.


Luckily, we decided to pack light.

A.) Because I didn't trust the airlines to actually keep track of my bag. After all, there was a lay-over involved... And that can be tricky.


B.) We were planning on moving around quite a bit, and unfortunately, I learned the hard way in Europe how difficult it is to bring large luggage on the train.

This is the bag I used to carry all TEN days of clothes... warm clothes... and changes of clothes for dinner... and heels! Mr. Bigg is standing by for size comparison... and because he wanted a treat.

Impressive. I know.

High maintenance? Ha!

Lee: So... all your stuff fit in that bag? And you didn't bring a hair dryer? Wow, this probably feels like camping for you huh?



After a long day of travel... we came out from the underground and all the sleeplessness was worth it.

Tokyo Rocks!

Later, when we were having ice cream. Real ice cream. Cold Stone ice cream!

Me: I love this place! I'm getting on, to look for jobs in Tokyo as soon as we get back.

Lee: You? You are getting on Monster to find a job? For you?!

Me: Ha! No. For you. How am I supposed to enjoy the city if I have to work all the time? Get serious.