Saturday, April 3, 2010


Last weekend, Lee and I went with some friends to Encore, a club in Manila.

Well, that Saturday also happened to be the same night as the Timbaland Shock Value concert in Manila, featuring Justin Timberlake.

Once we got to the club we started to hear rumors that Timbaland and Timberlake were coming to the club after the concert.

Always the skeptic...


Was my immediate reaction.

Timbaland? Maybe.

Timberlake? No way.

Apparently, there had been some questions as to whether Justin would even be at the concert, and the TicketWorld web site had to make a statement to assure people that he would be there in person and not on an LED screen.

Around midnight, the club DJ announced that Timbaland was on his way to the club, and about twenty minutes later his entourage arrived. It ended up being Timbaland's birthday so he got up and did a few songs for the crowd... which was pretty cool, but as expected the size of the crowd seemed to triple.

People were shoulder to shoulder with their cameras and phones in the air trying to get a picture.

This wouldn't have been so bad if our table hadn't been directly in front of the VIP section.

We were surrounded by people leaning on us... over us... trying to stand on the chairs we were sitting in just so they could get a picture. I have never seen so many asses at eye level before...

The sea of people made it nearly impossible for our waiter to get to us, and getting out to use the restroom was hopeless.

Holding it for over an hour definitely raised my irritability level...


Me: You know what the most annoying part about all this is?

Lee: What?

Me: I bet 99% of the people in here don't even know which one of those guys Timbaland is...

Lee: Yeah, I know.

*Lee gets up and begins snapping some pictures.*

Me: You do know that's not him right?

Lee: Oh... it's not?

Me: No.


Thankfully, Timberlake never showed. I'm thankful not only because I'm sure we would have all been trampled to death, but also because after a few cocktails I had begun making ridiculous bets with people about how he wasn't going to show up. None of which I had any intention of fulfilling...

Timbaland may have ruined my night... but Timberlake saved the day.