Friday, February 12, 2010

They'll Know We're Americans

Before we left the Philippines, Lee and I went shopping for Filipino souvenirs to bring back to the states.

Me: Hey! We should get this walking stick for your Mom, she would love it!

Lee: Do you think it will fit in our suitcase?

Me: Eh. Maybe.

We bought it. It didn't fit in our suitcase. Which we didn't realize until the night before our flight.

Lee: I'll just carry it on.

Me: You can't carry on stick. It could used as a weapon.

Lee: Yes I can. I'll use it as cane. People have canes all the time.

Me: Not canes that look like that. Who do you think you are, Moses?

Lee: I'll limp... like this.

Me: No one is going to believe that... you are 24 years-old.

It took me going to to prove to him that sticks and other club like objects are not allowed on planes.

Which means we had to check it. And we didn't have a box. Which means we had to improvise.

Lee: Wow. Do you think they'll know we're Americans? I mean seriously, granola bars, Easy Mac, Cheerios...

Me: Ha! Yeah... But we're putting a trash bag over it... so really they'll never know.

Lee: No way! It's not funny if we put it in a trash bag.

Me: There is no way I'm walking through the airport holding that... we're using a trash bag.

This was not much better. I mean, really. There could be anything in there... guns... a small child.

Surprisingly, we weren't really questioned about it...

Airline Guy: What's in there?

Lee: A cane.

Airline Guy: Is it in a box?

Lee: Ha! Yeah...

And that was it.

Amazingly enough they didn't look through it, because the bag hadn't been opened when we picked up our luggage. I guess they figure no one is dumb enough to wrap something illegal in a trash bag... it's way too suspicious.