Friday, February 5, 2010

Updated: MAC Down

I am amid a crisis.

Please read the following email I sent to Lee...


Subject: God Help MAC

MAC is sick.

He has been sent away to Apple hospital, recovery will be at least a week.

The prognosis doesn't look good.

I feel slightly panicky...

Full blown hysteria is imminent.



My computer is gone. And anyone who knows me, knows that I would have rather given Apple my left arm than my computer. I have been wandering aimlessly for the past 48 hours...

To make matters worse, my computer held all recently written blog entries that have yet to be published, along with the coinciding pictures and video. Not to mention the brand new header, which I spent hours making, for all entries about my state side adventures.

When the screen went black, I thought... "no big deal, at least I'm in the states... I'll just go down to the Apple store and have one of their "geniuses" fix it. Easy."

Mac "Genius" : Hmmm... ahhh. Uh oh.

Me: (Watching him nervously... growing more and more anxious by the second... He's got to be screwin' with me right? I mean, he is a "genius" it's his job. Press some buttons... work your magic... DO YOUR JOB!)

Mac "Genius" : Yeah... We're gonna need to send your computer off, and we can't guarantee all your information will still be there when your computer gets back. Do you have all your information backed up?



And I just bought a new hard drive for this very reason. What have I put on it so far??

Season 1-6 of Friends... because that's far more important than anything I've been working on for the last year. Idiot.

I'm still waiting for the nausea to subside.

New posts coming soon... Hopefully.



Mac is back and I'm happy to say he made a full recovery!

Me: I got my computer back!!! And-it's-perfect-and-they-even-fixed-that-part-that-was-bent-from-when-I-dropped-it-that-one-time-and-the-best-part-is-that-they-did-it-for-free!!!-You-can't-say-anything-bad-about-Apple-ever-again!!!! *breathe*

Lee: That's great! I guess Apple did something good after all.

(I'm a Mac... Lee's a PC. And he always tries to say hateful things about Apple or Mac computers, and after many debates the only thing he can fall back on is the whole 'there's no right click,' issue. And really he can't even do that anymore, because now they have it. So ha! Plus... he has an iPhone... which is really just hypocritical.)

Me: Yeah, I thought about telling you that is was ruined and that I needed a brand new $2000 computer, just to see how you'd react. You know, to see how much you loved me.

Lee: Ha! Well, I know how you are about your computer... and really it's hard to put a price on my sanity.

Me: True.