Sunday, January 17, 2010


As Lee was walking out the door to go to work...

Lee: Got any plans today?

I'm thinking:

"Well, I have plans to go back to sleep once you leave. It's 6:30 in the morning... it's barely light outside... I see no reason why I should be awake. When I wake back up at a normal hour... I'll probably eat... play on the internet... dance around the house... sing to my dog... ya know... the usual."

But I say...

Me: There's a bunch of stuff I need to do around the house, plus some things on the computer I need to work on.... (Big smile.... I wonder if he know I'm lying? hmm.)

Lee: Alright... well the laundry is piling up...

I'm thinking...

"I guess that's a hint... But hey... at least I've tried to do the laundry... you've never even attempted it. So... I'll just ignore that..."

But I say...

Me: Well, have a good day!


I couldn't go back to sleep... so I ate... played on the internet... danced around the house... and sang to Mr. Bigg. I have officially completed everything on my agenda for the day and it's only 10 a.m.


I'm NOT doing laundry. Laundry always puts me in a bad mood. Plus, it takes all day to do!

But...the laundry is kind of over-flowing.


I decided to do a small load... that wouldn't take too long... plus I'll just do easy things, like t-shirts.

Me: Oookkk....Laundry.... Nothing scary under the steps? Check. Machine plugged in? Check. Clothes? Check. Water? Water... why isn't the water working...

Go out by the car and turn the water on.

Me: Sweet. Water? Check. Wait, why is there water on the floor? Ugh! Seriously? It's leaking... terrific. Hmm... now that I think about, I think Chat said that the faucet was leaking... oh well, I guess I'm technically outside... it will dry. Ok, moving on... Soap? Check. Hmmm... more soap? Check. Machine working? Check. Alright, so far so good... WOAH! That was close... I'm almost busted my ass... there's water on the floor.

Ten minutes later...

Me: Hmm... those look clean enough. I'll just put them in the spinner, and then on to round two. Clothes in spinner... spinner on... hmm... spinner not working. This is not good. Chat didn't mention this... Hmm... clothes back in washing machine. New water? Check. Fabric softener? Check.


Clothes soaking while I text Chat...

Me: Text - "Has the spinner on the washing machine been broken for a while?"

Chat: Text - "[The] spinner doesn't work well, i just push it with my hand"

(WTF? She just pushes it with her hand?! There is no way I could push it that fast... that is never going to work...)

Chat: Text - "When u spin it, u push it on top of [the] spinner i tell that 2 noli, i will remind 2 lina 2 check it 2mrow."

(I wonder how long this has been broken... I feel like an ass... but I know she didn't tell me this...)

Me: Text - "I'm sorry Chat, i didn't know the spinner was broken, I would have had someone fix it a long time ago!"


Me: Ok... so I'm supposed to spin it... while pushing the top... but there is no top! And spinning it is not doing anything.... These clothes are never going to dry, they are soaking wet... and it's starting to rain. This is ridiculous. I guess I could just wring them out by hand... that's going to take forever.

Chat: Ma'am?

Me: Chat!!

She must have known that this wouldn't end well...

Chat: Hehehehehe Ma'am, what are you doing?

Me: I doonn't knoooww. I'm trying to help...

At this point... I feel like a small child whose parent's caught them in a sea of bubbles because they put the wrong soap in the dishwasher...

I am half way in the spinner... trying to spin the hamper... I'm soaking wet, there is water all over the floor, a pile of soaking wet clothes on top of the washer, and another pile of clothes squished into several tiny balls as I try to get all the water out.

Me: I'm trying to spin the spinner... but it's not working.

Chat: Oh, Ma'am...

I watch as she puts all the clothes back in the spinner... turns it on... closes the lid... and presses on the lid. All of a sudden... the spinner starts spinning!

Me: Oooohhh. Thanks Chat... You're a life saver...

Chat: I think Ma'am that maybe you do too much laundry... you just let me do.

Me: Ok, Chat! I'll be sure I tell that to Lee.