Wednesday, January 20, 2010

30 Day Shred

When I came back from the states in November, I was seriously committed to getting in better shape. I came back to the Philippines complete with diet books and exercise videos.

Lee: So, what are we doing this time?

Me: Well, I bought "The Zone," sounds intense right? And, Jillian Michael's... 30. Day. Shred.

I took our height, weight and wrist measurements and then went on to calculate our body fat percentages and lean body mass, which determines the number of protein blocks our bodies require daily.

Me: According to my calculations, The Zone says you need 20 blocks of protein per day.

Lee: I don't even know what that means...

Me: A block of protein is...

Lee: Yeah, I'm not going to do that... I'll just eat better

Me: *glare*

Lee: You always do this... you always go to extremes and it only lasts for a week before you freak out and go right back to eating cheeseburgers.

Me: We'll see.

Then we started the video. Jillian's video is a 3 level system, and you do each level for 10 days. Each workout is only 30 minutes long so we decided we would get up early and do it before Lee goes to work. Because then... according to Lee...

Lee: Then I can come home after work and lift, and do a real workout.

Whatever. If his profuse sweating is any indication of a "real" work out, then Jillian is a real as it gets...


Me: Hey, I saw that you started keeping track of our workout days on the mirror. So I added our names, current weight, and body fat percentages.

Lee: Yeah, I saw that. I can't believe you wrote your weight up there... where people could see it. HA!

Me: *glare*

Lee: Yeah, that sounded better in my head.


Every morning started like this...

4:45 am - My alarm goes off.... SNOOZE.

4:50 am - My alarm goes off.... SNOOZE.

4:55 am - Lee's alarm goes off... He gets up.

(Frankly, I don't know how he does it. As a personal rule, I have to hit the snooze button at least one time.)

5:00 am -

Lee: Hey, are you gonna get up?

Me: Ugh! Yeah...

5:10 am - I get up stairs... Lee is waiting.

Lee: You are going to have to start getting up earlier if you are planning to get all cute before we work out.

Me: Cute? I'm not trying to get cute... these are my work out clothes... and I have to wear shoes. I don't see how you work out barefoot.

Lee: If God had meant for me not to go barefoot, then he would have made me with shoes.

Me: Seriously...?

All week Lee complains...

Lee: You really should get up before I do.

Me: Nope.

Lee: Yes. I have to wait on you every morning.

Me: *shrug*

Lee: You need to get up first so you can get ready, otherwise I'm just upstairs waiting on you about to fall asleep.

Me: We work out at 5 o'clock in the morning... when my alarm goes off, I lay there hoping you won't get up... because that means I don't have to get up. But once you're out of bed... I know my fate is sealed. I'm not going to willingly get dressed and work out... it's still dark outside. So, no... you have to get up first.

That next Wednesday I wake up before my alarm goes off... why? I don't know. But it gives me a good opportunity to get up first. I get dressed, get water, put my shoes on...

I'm so good.

Me: Hey, get up.

Lee: *silence*

Me: Hey, I'm ready and it's time to work out.

Lee: *incoherent mumbling*

Me: Are you going to get up? (I get back in bed.)

An hour later Lee has to get up for work...

Me: Hey! I got up before you did and you didn't wake up!! AND... I fell asleep with my shoes on!!! I hate that! Never again Lee, Never. Again.

Lee: *Smirk*

Our workout crusade lasted for a couple weeks, then the holidays came and we ate ourselves stupid just like everybody else. There is a reason people wait until January 1 to start losing weight...