Thursday, January 28, 2010

Red Light - Green Light

I have one word for the parking garage in the Mall of Asia.


(I bet you didn't think I was going to say that...)

But seriously, they have a red light - green light system that tells you which row has spots available.

Genius! Right?

I've never seen a parking garage like this before. I usually drive up and down the rows... aimlessly looking for a spot. Ten minutes later... I find one! Close to the end... I speed down the aisle only to find that my "empty spot" is actually taken.

Damn you mini cooper...

I marvel at this parking garage every time we go there.

Bravo, Philippines. Bravo.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Filipino Billboard

Driving into Manila...

Lee: Ha! Look at that sign...

Me: I feel whiter and gay each day... O-M-G.

Lee: Yeah, I had to read it like 3 times... Because I was all, 'there is no way, that it really says that...' But then I was looking at it... and he is white... and pretty gay, so... I guess it makes sense.

Me: hahahaha... only in the Philippines...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

30 Day Shred

When I came back from the states in November, I was seriously committed to getting in better shape. I came back to the Philippines complete with diet books and exercise videos.

Lee: So, what are we doing this time?

Me: Well, I bought "The Zone," sounds intense right? And, Jillian Michael's... 30. Day. Shred.

I took our height, weight and wrist measurements and then went on to calculate our body fat percentages and lean body mass, which determines the number of protein blocks our bodies require daily.

Me: According to my calculations, The Zone says you need 20 blocks of protein per day.

Lee: I don't even know what that means...

Me: A block of protein is...

Lee: Yeah, I'm not going to do that... I'll just eat better

Me: *glare*

Lee: You always do this... you always go to extremes and it only lasts for a week before you freak out and go right back to eating cheeseburgers.

Me: We'll see.

Then we started the video. Jillian's video is a 3 level system, and you do each level for 10 days. Each workout is only 30 minutes long so we decided we would get up early and do it before Lee goes to work. Because then... according to Lee...

Lee: Then I can come home after work and lift, and do a real workout.

Whatever. If his profuse sweating is any indication of a "real" work out, then Jillian is a real as it gets...


Me: Hey, I saw that you started keeping track of our workout days on the mirror. So I added our names, current weight, and body fat percentages.

Lee: Yeah, I saw that. I can't believe you wrote your weight up there... where people could see it. HA!

Me: *glare*

Lee: Yeah, that sounded better in my head.


Every morning started like this...

4:45 am - My alarm goes off.... SNOOZE.

4:50 am - My alarm goes off.... SNOOZE.

4:55 am - Lee's alarm goes off... He gets up.

(Frankly, I don't know how he does it. As a personal rule, I have to hit the snooze button at least one time.)

5:00 am -

Lee: Hey, are you gonna get up?

Me: Ugh! Yeah...

5:10 am - I get up stairs... Lee is waiting.

Lee: You are going to have to start getting up earlier if you are planning to get all cute before we work out.

Me: Cute? I'm not trying to get cute... these are my work out clothes... and I have to wear shoes. I don't see how you work out barefoot.

Lee: If God had meant for me not to go barefoot, then he would have made me with shoes.

Me: Seriously...?

All week Lee complains...

Lee: You really should get up before I do.

Me: Nope.

Lee: Yes. I have to wait on you every morning.

Me: *shrug*

Lee: You need to get up first so you can get ready, otherwise I'm just upstairs waiting on you about to fall asleep.

Me: We work out at 5 o'clock in the morning... when my alarm goes off, I lay there hoping you won't get up... because that means I don't have to get up. But once you're out of bed... I know my fate is sealed. I'm not going to willingly get dressed and work out... it's still dark outside. So, no... you have to get up first.

That next Wednesday I wake up before my alarm goes off... why? I don't know. But it gives me a good opportunity to get up first. I get dressed, get water, put my shoes on...

I'm so good.

Me: Hey, get up.

Lee: *silence*

Me: Hey, I'm ready and it's time to work out.

Lee: *incoherent mumbling*

Me: Are you going to get up? (I get back in bed.)

An hour later Lee has to get up for work...

Me: Hey! I got up before you did and you didn't wake up!! AND... I fell asleep with my shoes on!!! I hate that! Never again Lee, Never. Again.

Lee: *Smirk*

Our workout crusade lasted for a couple weeks, then the holidays came and we ate ourselves stupid just like everybody else. There is a reason people wait until January 1 to start losing weight...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


As Lee was walking out the door to go to work...

Lee: Got any plans today?

I'm thinking:

"Well, I have plans to go back to sleep once you leave. It's 6:30 in the morning... it's barely light outside... I see no reason why I should be awake. When I wake back up at a normal hour... I'll probably eat... play on the internet... dance around the house... sing to my dog... ya know... the usual."

But I say...

Me: There's a bunch of stuff I need to do around the house, plus some things on the computer I need to work on.... (Big smile.... I wonder if he know I'm lying? hmm.)

Lee: Alright... well the laundry is piling up...

I'm thinking...

"I guess that's a hint... But hey... at least I've tried to do the laundry... you've never even attempted it. So... I'll just ignore that..."

But I say...

Me: Well, have a good day!


I couldn't go back to sleep... so I ate... played on the internet... danced around the house... and sang to Mr. Bigg. I have officially completed everything on my agenda for the day and it's only 10 a.m.


I'm NOT doing laundry. Laundry always puts me in a bad mood. Plus, it takes all day to do!

But...the laundry is kind of over-flowing.


I decided to do a small load... that wouldn't take too long... plus I'll just do easy things, like t-shirts.

Me: Oookkk....Laundry.... Nothing scary under the steps? Check. Machine plugged in? Check. Clothes? Check. Water? Water... why isn't the water working...

Go out by the car and turn the water on.

Me: Sweet. Water? Check. Wait, why is there water on the floor? Ugh! Seriously? It's leaking... terrific. Hmm... now that I think about, I think Chat said that the faucet was leaking... oh well, I guess I'm technically outside... it will dry. Ok, moving on... Soap? Check. Hmmm... more soap? Check. Machine working? Check. Alright, so far so good... WOAH! That was close... I'm almost busted my ass... there's water on the floor.

Ten minutes later...

Me: Hmm... those look clean enough. I'll just put them in the spinner, and then on to round two. Clothes in spinner... spinner on... hmm... spinner not working. This is not good. Chat didn't mention this... Hmm... clothes back in washing machine. New water? Check. Fabric softener? Check.


Clothes soaking while I text Chat...

Me: Text - "Has the spinner on the washing machine been broken for a while?"

Chat: Text - "[The] spinner doesn't work well, i just push it with my hand"

(WTF? She just pushes it with her hand?! There is no way I could push it that fast... that is never going to work...)

Chat: Text - "When u spin it, u push it on top of [the] spinner i tell that 2 noli, i will remind 2 lina 2 check it 2mrow."

(I wonder how long this has been broken... I feel like an ass... but I know she didn't tell me this...)

Me: Text - "I'm sorry Chat, i didn't know the spinner was broken, I would have had someone fix it a long time ago!"


Me: Ok... so I'm supposed to spin it... while pushing the top... but there is no top! And spinning it is not doing anything.... These clothes are never going to dry, they are soaking wet... and it's starting to rain. This is ridiculous. I guess I could just wring them out by hand... that's going to take forever.

Chat: Ma'am?

Me: Chat!!

She must have known that this wouldn't end well...

Chat: Hehehehehe Ma'am, what are you doing?

Me: I doonn't knoooww. I'm trying to help...

At this point... I feel like a small child whose parent's caught them in a sea of bubbles because they put the wrong soap in the dishwasher...

I am half way in the spinner... trying to spin the hamper... I'm soaking wet, there is water all over the floor, a pile of soaking wet clothes on top of the washer, and another pile of clothes squished into several tiny balls as I try to get all the water out.

Me: I'm trying to spin the spinner... but it's not working.

Chat: Oh, Ma'am...

I watch as she puts all the clothes back in the spinner... turns it on... closes the lid... and presses on the lid. All of a sudden... the spinner starts spinning!

Me: Oooohhh. Thanks Chat... You're a life saver...

Chat: I think Ma'am that maybe you do too much laundry... you just let me do.

Me: Ok, Chat! I'll be sure I tell that to Lee.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Weighty Issue

I went and got a mani/pedi today at my new favorite place in the mall. I've been only once before, about a month ago...

Nail Lady: Hello Ma'am! I'm so glad you came back

Me: Oh, well thanks. You did a great job last time.

Nail Lady: You gained weight since last time I saw you.

Me: What?

(Obviously, there is a bit of a communication problem. I've lost a whole three pounds since New Year's. Misunderstanding... no big deal... try again.)

Nail Lady: I think you gain weight since last time you here.

Me: Ha!

(Well, I think that's a pretty ballsy statement.... but more importantly, I think you just cut your tip in half!)

Note: Flattery and compliments will get you everywhere... lie if you must.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Saga...

So, I read the Twilight Saga...

I loved it...

and I am not ashamed.

So there... I have gone public with my obsession against the wishes of a "wise" friend.

(Obviously, his words... not mine.)


Twilight is not typically a book I would pick up, after all, it is a book written for teens... but I kept hearing about it from everyone... and the second movie had just come out... and what else do I have to do except read four, four inch books?

So if you have tried to call me in the last month and you got the machine... now you know why...

I started cataloguing my new obsession here... and FYI... if you haven't read the books and you plan on reading them, skip this post because there are major spoilers :)


December 10, 2009-

Facebook Status: started reading Twilight... 3 chapters in and I'm already wishing Lee was a vampire.

I think Lee both loved and hated the Twilight disease... he loved it because I didn't bother him when he got home from work. Usually it goes...

Mr. Bigg howls... Lee opens door...

Me: Hey! How was your day?

Lee: Blah Blah Blah

Me: Sweet. What do you want to do now? Talk to me! Entertain me! I've been here all day!

Annoying? Probably.

During Twilight...

Mr. Bigg howls... Lee opens door...

Me: Hey! How was your day?

Lee: Blah Blah Blah

Me: Sweet.

Lee: Ok, well... I'm going to go upstairs and play football.

Me: Sounds great! I'll be in the bathtub with my vampire!

Lee: *weird look*

He hated it because I felt it necessary to keep him up to date with the latest news from Forks... and as soon as I was finished with book one I made him watch the movie. Which might not have been so bad if I didn't pause it every five minutes to tell him how it really happened.

*pause movie*

Me: Hey! Are you paying attention? This part is important.

Lee: Yeah... (working on his computer... not paying attention.)

*play movie*

*pause movie*

Me: Ugh! Edward is way cuter than that... they made him look weird! Doesn't he look weird?

Lee: Mmmm...hmmm...

*play movie*

*pause movie*

Me: Ok... that conversation they just had was really like four or five conversations, but they just rolled into one... which is stupid because now its like... hey, you're in my class, you freaked out, you saved my life, I love you, oh you're a vampire...? No big deal. This movie sucks!

Lee: Mmmm....hmmm...

*play movie*

*pause movie*

Me: Do you even understand what's going on... they totally butchered this! What really happened was...

Lee: Would you just play the movie?

Me: Ok... but you just don't even know how much they skipped.

Lee: It's a movie. It can't be six hours long...

Me: Whatever...

*play movie*




New Moon-

I was walking through the mall when I round the corner and see Edward on the New Moon movie poster...

Me: Asshole.

Random guy turns around...


I just smile...

Because what am I going to say... "oh not you... You see, Edward left Bella. He told her he doesn't love her any more... I mean, we all know he really does, he is just doing it for her safety... because well, he is a vampire and all... but he should know better. The other vampires are just going to come after her, and she is miserable without him... soo... Edward is the asshole not you... Yes. Yes, I was talking to a movie poster. Yes. Yes, I might be insane."


Lee: I talked to my mom today... I told her you were reading Twilight... she read it too.

Me: She did! Did you ask her if she ever wished that your dad was a vampire?!

Lee: No. No, I forgot to ask that...

Me: You should ask her.

Lee: No. No, I don't think I will.



I'm laying on the bed reading... (The usual)

Lee jumps on the bed...

Lee: I waanntt to suuck your blooood!

Me: Ha! Real vampires don't say that.

Lee: Oh, God. Real vampires...? Vampires were around way before Twilight.

Me: Well, of course. But most of those things about vampires are myths... like crosses... or garlic... or how you have to invite them in... myths.

Lee: Really? No crosses or garlic... that sucks.

Me: I know.


Me: Oh no!

Lee: What?

Me: Well, Edward and Bella are getting married, because Edward says they have to before he'll turn her into a vampire and before they can have sex... Well, he sent a wedding invitation to Jacob... you remember Jacob...?

Lee: uh huh...

Me: ...Bella's hot werewolf best friend... who loves her, and she loves him... but not as much as she loves Edward. So she picked Edward... like she should have, because she can't live without him and they are getting married....?? Anyway, Edward sent him a wedding invitation, that said something about how he was breaking the rules by sending it to him, because Bella didn't want Jacob to feel obligated to go, but if Bella would have picked Jacob then Edward would have wanted the option... so now... Jacob is really upset... and he turned into wolf and he is roaming the forest and says he never wants to go back to being a human!!! (All said in one breath...)

Lee: You are hearing yourself right?

Me: Yeah... it does sound sorta stupid when I say it out loud... but really it's not.


Breaking Dawn:

December 29, 2009

Me: Text - "Holy Guacamole! Bella is pregnant with a vampire baby!"

Lee: Text - "Nerd."

Me: Text - ":)"


Lee: So, when we go back to the states we have a five our lay over in Seattle. But there is an earlier flight, so I'm hoping we can get on that one instead.

Me: Five hours huh? Well, maybe we could just drive over to Forks and see what Bella and Edward are up to!

Lee: *stares*

Me: ha. ha. Of course, I'm just kidding!

(Not really... If anyone wants to pick me up and take me to Forks, I get to Seattle at noon on January 15th...)
Three weeks and three days after starting the saga I finished it...

Me: Well, I finished Twilight today... (Depressed.)

Lee: Wow. How was it?

Me: Amazing. Happily ever after and all that.

Lee: Now what are you going to do?

Me: I have no idea...

I'm open to suggestions.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Breaking in the New Year

The Green Machine has sustained an injury.

Sad, but true...

New Year's Eve:

3:00 p.m. - The hotel staff finds us by the pool to tell us that our car alarm has been going off. Soooo glad Lee bought that alarm...

Five minutes later... the alarm is off.

8:00 p.m. - The hotel staff calls our room to let us know that our car's brake lights are on.
I swear our car is possessed.

Twenty minutes later... I'm still in the room, and there is no sign of Lee.

Me: Hmmm... maybe he made friends at the bar... - look out the window... no Lee. Well, maybe he decided to go out to the pool... - look out the window... no Lee. Maybe he got hungry... no that's not it... he knows better than to eat without me... Hmmm... maybe, it was all just a conspiracy and he got kidnapped by the hotel staff!!!

(I always do that... weird... I know... I'm slightly paranoid.)

Ooooor maybe, he got bit by a vampire!

(And... I'm way too involved with the Twilight saga to think clearly and I should quite possibly seek psychiatric treatment...)

Ten minutes later, when I'm almost certain someone beat him over the head and stuffed him in the trunk of our car, I go to look for him. He meets me on the staircase...


Me: There you are... I was just coming to look for you... I thought maybe you been kidnapped or bitten by a vampire.

Lee: *He just stares at me* (He's probably really over the vampire thing by now...)

Me: What?

Lee: Well... there's an issue...

Me: What did you do...?

Lee: Well, the cars out there... the brake lights are on... and the doors are locked... and...

Me: What?

Lee: ... the keys are inside.

Me: Fantastic...

Lee: And... the car is running... Apparently, the car thinks the brake is on, so the brake lights are on... and when I turned on the car, and shut the door... it automatically locked. The hotel owner and three other guys are out there trying to help me... but I'm pretty sure we are going to have to break a window.

Me: Sweet! Come and get me if you do!


I'm not a huge fan of "The Green Machine," for a few reasons...

1. It's green. Cars should really only come in a few colors... green is not one of them.

2. The car came complete with ants. Yeah, that's right... just like my kitchen sink... the ants have also made a home in the car. How do you even get an ant infested car? I don't even want to know what was in that car before we bought it. The ants made a home under the back seat... at first Lee thought I was crazy, when I would count the ants in the car. Then we put a heavy suitcase in the back seat and the ants swarmed it... it was disgusting.

3. It's a manual. And although I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of driving a stick... I just know I'm going to be in the middle of traffic, and the car will lurch forward and hit a tricycle filled with people, or a stray dog.

So... I have secretly been wishing for The Green Machine's demise.


Me: Well, on second thought... I'm busy... so never mind. (Actually, I was watching last season's American Idol, and we already know who won... so not that busy after all...)

Twenty minutes later...

Lee: We did it. We broke the back window... I even made a "Lee" comment...

Me: Oh?...

Lee: Yeah, after we shattered it I said, 'Well, that's one way to break in the new year...' ha!"

Me: oh... no...

The Green Machine's new band-aid

"Keep Cool"
(There's nothing cooler than that...)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nosey Neighbor

I'm a nosey neighbor.

In all seriousness I'm am the neighbor they show on TV, sitting in her dark house, peering out from behind the curtains. Except usually, in the world of cheesy sitcoms, the nosey neighbor is a senile 75-year-old woman, but I'm just a paranoid 25-year-old with nothing better to do.

This is what I've learned... (actually, I haven't really learned anything... I just judge people to quickly and make up stories about them in my head.)

I'll start with the neighbors to our right.

I've never seen them before, but I've heard them through the wall... and I've smelled their greasy breakfast... so I know they exist.

Although I've never seen them, I'm pretty sure they don't like us. One day our water tank started leaking, and when I say leaking... of course I mean spewing water in all directions, and when I say all directions... I mean specifically into their backyard, and all over their laundry which was hanging out to dry. Oops.

It was an accident... and I hope they didn't take it too badly. I do not want to be on their bad side. They are scary.

A couple months ago... they had a red telletubby dancing in front of their house.
A. Real. Live. Teletubby.
There is nothing scarier than that.

Moving on...

The neighbors to our left...

Now, I'm not really sure who all lives there. I know there is a very nice woman, who let me borrow a screw driver once, and her son. But there are always so many people there, I'm never quite sure who lives there and who does not.

Her son is a little odd. I'll call him Spike. One, because I have no idea what his name is, and two because he looks like a reptile.

Spike's entire back is covered in tattoos... and I know this because he insists on washing his car, shirtless, in the street, almost everyday.

Spike is never very nice to me... I smile and wave to him when I would walk by, but he always ignores me. So... (because I'm childish,) I pretend he doesn't exist. Ha!

And I decided he was a bit of a shady individual. Not because he ignores me, but because a bunch of different people go to his house at all hours... for two minutes or less. And most of the time he meets them in the street... shade-ball? I think so...

I don't know much about the people across the street and to the right, except that they have a baby... and it cries... a lot. I've only seen them through their tiny windows, and their wee little door. Serious, it's creepy. It's a door made for a small child, or perhaps a hobbit.

I assume there is another door, but there is nothing more entertaining then watching a van pull up... honk twice... and watching a grown-ass man shuffle out the hobbit door.

Master Jackie, and her daughter live across the street. I call her Master Jackie because she is practically a slave driver. Her poor maid, who doesn't look a day over 14 gets there at six in the morning, and doesn't leave until well after dark. She yells at the poor girl, and makes her wipe down the windows on her car after each of her outings.

However, Master Jackie has been nothing but nice to me... she has been trying to get me to rent her house from her since the day I met her, and insists she will invite me over for coffee and pie or take me to Manila for a "giant" buffet... but both have yet to happen.

The Brady Bunch lives across the street and to the left... they are the most of fun to watch. Their household consists of a man and wife... their five or six kids... (I'm pretty sure there are five... two teenage girls and three younger boys. The boys all look exactly the same though... so I can't be sure, there could be four.)... and grandpa.

Grandpa is the best!
Lee and I spy on him from our balcony...

Me: That guy amazes me. How old do you think he is?

Lee: Who knows?!

Me: Filipino people don't age... they never look as old as they say they are. And he looks oooolllllld... so...

Lee: Yeah, he's probably like 150.

He always wears a hat, half of the hat is pink and half is green. He walks the neighborhood all day with an umbrella hooked to his shoulder. In the past couple months he has planted a garden in front of his house, built a fence out of bamboo, made several of the christmas decorations for our street, cleared out two vacant lots, and burns the brush at least once a week.

And everyday, he sweeps the street in front of our little group of six houses, and this morning he cleaned up the cat poop in front of my house. I love him. He is the most active old man I have ever seen. He speaks almost no english, which is a shame, because I would love to be able to talk to him. But we try... our conversations usually go something like this...

Gramps: Heeelllloooo

Me: Hi, how are you?

Gramps: Ahhhh. (Big Smile)

Me: (Big Smile)

*Awkward amount of time*

Me: Ok, well have a good day.

Gramps: (Waves)

Sometimes he rambles incoherently... and I try to understand, but I usually just smile. Last week though, he said, "Merry Christmas!!! And... and... Happy New Year!" And then he started laughing really hard. I think maybe he's been practicing that. :)

His grand kids are a different story.

The kids go to school... but I have yet to figure out when. It's almost like they go at random, their perfect attendance record must be shot. (Although, no one wanted to get that award anyway. Who wants to be recognized for never missing a day of school? Nerd.)

I know these kids hardly ever go to school, because they spend their entire day outside. I stumble out of the house to let out the dog around 6... half dressed and half asleep... these kids are already dressed and running and screaming about in the streets. I wouldn't have that much energy for hours... even with three cups of coffee.

How long have they been up? Holy Cow.

Then they play in the streets aaalll daaay loooong.

Lately, one of the little boys has been wearing a mask. Like a surgical mask. Like the masks the Japanese wear.

Me: That kid is wearing a mask.

Lee: Maybe he is sick or something.

Me: Well, maybe he should go inside and lay down and not run through the streets.


A month later...

Lee: That kid is still wearing a mask?

Me: Yeah! It's really starting to freak me out!


And who knows what the neighbors think about us...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Go with the Flow

After Christmas, Lee had a few days off from work so we went to Manila. We saw the show Flow at the Pagcor Casino, and if you live here and you haven't seen it... you should check it out.

It was pretty cool... although we didn't realize that it is a show for all ages. So you can imagine my disappointment when we walk into an auditorium filled with screaming children running through the aisle ways.


Me: Psst. I thought you had to be 18 to get into this casino...

Lee: Yeah... apparently this is a show for all ages. I wish they had been a little more clear about that.

Me: Do you think that little kid behind us is going to run back and forth through the entire show?

Lee: No... I'm sure his parents won't let him do that.

Me: Good. And... he just pulled my hair... pretty hard...

Lee: Yeah... did he just hiss at you?

Me: Yep.

(Kids can smell fear... just like bears. Well, I think bears can smell fear... at least, I've heard they can... somewhere. Anyway, kids can smell fear... That's. For. Sure. And that is why they gravitate towards me. And pick on me apparently... For example, last time I was in Target, my beloved store, I was walking down an aisle... minding my own business... when... some little snot-nose brat, ran up to me and punched me in the leg! I was all, "Ow! OMG that kid just punched me in the leg..." and he's all snickering with his evil little laugh... I'm staring at his mom like... "Umm... what the hell?" And she is totally oblivious... looking at shoes. I thought about punching him back, but knowing my luck that would be about the time she started paying attention, and then I'd end up in jail... like that man who slapped a toddler in Wal-mart. Who knows? Maybe she hit him first...)

Anyway, as soon as the lights went out the children calmed down, the only problem was the show started 30 minutes after it was supposed to start. I love the theatre and I have seen many many shows... but there are a few basic rules.

1. Get there 30 minutes prior to the performance
2. Dress appropriately.
3. Don't take pictures
4. Turn off your cell phone.
5. And shut-up.


Rule 1... For me, this is the most important rule. And it states on the Web site and on the ticket that the doors open at 7:30, and the show starts at 8. And being the perfect theatre patron I am, I like to arrive at 7:15...

Well, "the door opens at 7:30 business" is a trick, they really don't open until 8, and the show really doesn't start until 8:30. It's the same thing I do to my friends who are perpetually late, I tell them we need to be somewhere thirty minutes before we actually do, that way we are on time. It's genius. But I've never actually been on the other side of it, and had it done to me before... It's annoying. (Casey, I'll try not to do that to you anymore...)

Rule 2... Doesn't really apply here. Which sucks because I like getting dressed up to go to the theatre. So... we did anyway... and looked pretty ridiculous among the t-shirts and flip flops... oops.

Rule 3 & 4... Are the same. The Philippines has a high rate of piracy, so they try to be pretty strict with cameras. You can't even take a camera into the movie theatre... they check your bag, and have people walk around to make sure you aren't recording.

Rule 5... Wasn't so bad once the lights were out. So... bravo parents, I thought for sure I was going to be throwing children out of the aisles.

Me: That show was awesome! My favorite part was when that girl flipped the other one on her feet like 27 times...

Lee: Yeah... that was pretty cool

Me: I mean... how do you even know you can do something like that?

Lee: I don't know.

Me: I bet there are a whole bunch of cool things I can do... I just don't know it yet!

Lee: Definitely not...