Friday, December 18, 2009

Giving Thanks

Well, the holiday season is here...

Actually, it's been here in the Philippines since September 30th... the first day they started playing Christmas carols over the loud speaker in the mall. Annoying? Yes.

Don't get me wrong... I like Christmas carols... well, most of the time. But only between the days of December 1st and December 25th.

There are many important holidays in the month of November, that are often over shadowed by the Christmas charade. Like Thanksgiving... and my birthday.

We are spending the holidays in the Philippines this year and so far so good!

There was Thanksgiving... which we were slightly worried about... since it is an American holiday. But about a month before Thanksgiving the stores started to stock up on turkeys, cranberry sauce, pumpkin and many of the other traditional fares which encourage us American's to a day of laziness and gluttony. The only thing we couldn't find was sweet potatoes... which really didn't bother me.

When it comes to Thanksgiving my plate still looks like it did when I was a child. I make myself try one bite of everything... just in case my taste buds have magically transformed in the last year... but I really only like, turkey, mashed potatoes, and rolls.

Sweet potatoes...? Sick.

Gravy...? Blah.

Stuffing...? I would rather die.

Pecan Pie...? No way.

Pumpkin Pie...? I will consider more than one bite if I can top it with the entire container of cool whip.

Not only was it our first Thanksgiving in the Philippines, but it was mine and Lee's first Thanksgiving as a married couple.

Me: Is there anything special you want me to make for Thanksgiving? You know... something that your family traditionally has every year? My mom always makes that strawberry salad... so I'm going to make that, and...

Lee: No.

Me: oookkk...

Lee: All I want is fooootbaaall. (In a very whiny, pathetic voice that should have only come from a toddler)

But he was right... we definitely missed football.

And I didn't even get to eat allll daaay as usual! In my family we get together around two, we... eat football ...snack ...sleep... maybe get outside and do something if we can move... and then go back for round two.

This year, in the Philippines, we did Thanksgiving as a group with all the expats from Lee's company. Since Thanksgiving isn't a Filipino holiday, they had to work that day... so we didn't get together until six that evening. But we still managed to stuff ourselves silly.

(There is a picture floating around somewhere of Lee and his plate of 5 pieces of pie... when I find it I will post it here for your viewing pleasure.)