Sunday, November 1, 2009

King of the Jungle

On our first day at Coco Beach we went to the pool for happy hour. We were doing our typical people watch/trying to figure out where people are from based on generalizations and stereotypes.

Hassan: Lee, go figure out where those girls are from.

Lee: What?

Me: Yeah, go flirt with them... and find out.

Lee: Go flirt with them...?

Me: Yeah!

Lee: What? Why me? I'm married...

Me: Oh, yeah right. It will be funny, just do it.

Hassan: She's at the bar... go.

Hassan: He's talking to her...

Me: Hand shake... very good...

Hassan: Ha! She's scooting closer to him!

Me: Wow, an ass scoot? He's better at this than I thought!

Hassan: Now, both girls are over there...

Me: This is hilarious!


Me: Wow Babe, I am totally impressed! I didn't know you were such a good flirt.

Lee: Yep. I told you not to let me go over there... You let the lion back in the jungle... it's all instincts now...