Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm glad my parents aren't Brits

At Coco Beach they try and get everyone involved at dinner on Tuesday nights with a frog race. Well, try to get people involved and try take your money. The frogs have to race each other out of this circle of death.... and you bet on which frog will make it out first.

Pretty intense, right?

Earlier in the day we met a sweet little english boy, I'll call him Oliver... like the orphan. In reality, he had an equally awesome english name but I always liked that bloody orphan. (Yeah... I just said, "bloody." It's this thing that I do when I talk about, or to british people.

I can't help it.

I just keep saying over and over in my head..."Oh! Bloody hell!" or "Jolly good." or my fav... "Brilliant!" All in my completely accurate english accent. It's embarrassing or awesome... I can't decide.")

Oliver and I choosing the winning frog.

I told Oliver that whichever frog he chose, I would bet p500. And our frog won! It was brilliant! (See..I did it again...) And we won p1500! Oliver chose the frog... and I cheered really loud we were a great team. So... it's only fair he gets his share of the winnings right? Wrong....

The next morning....

Me: I'm glad my parents aren't british. Those accents are totally intimidating.

Lee: What do you mean?

Me: I got reprimanded by british parents....

Hassan & Lee: ?

Me: Well, I tried to give Oliver his half of the winnings last night, because after all, he chose the winning frog. But his parents reprimanded me....

Hassan: Reprimanded you? What did they say?

Me: Well, they said, (in my completely accurate english accent) "OOOHHH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!"

Lee: Ha! That's it? That's all they said... and that was intimidating?

Me: It's not what they said... it was the way they said it. All british and scary. Then they said I could buy him a coke instead... tomorrow... because he had already had one with dinner that night! He won...

Lee: Maybe they are trying to teach their kid not to gamble...

Me: Ooohh.... that's dumb.