Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Perspective

About every two weeks I get a kilo of shrimp from the market. I've come a long way since May when my hands smelled like fish and I found out shrimp had heads...

I have yet to find a purpose for shrimp heads, so after I rip them off I give them to Chat. She makes soup with them, and lately she has been frying them up as well. Between me and Janice she has more googley eyeballs then she knows what to do with, so she has been passing them around.

Chat: Ma'am Keely?

Me: Yes, Chat.

Chat: You know the shrimp heads you gave to me last week?

Me: Yeah

Chat: I gave them to the gardener, and now... hehehe... every time he sees me... hehehe... he say, 'oh thank you Chat for the shrimp heads, thank you thank you.' He so happy.

Me: Well, good! I'm glad he liked them.

Chat: Oh yes Ma'am!! He say to me, 'oh chat, my family so happy to have shrimp heads. It's very expensive... my family not so much get to eat. When I brought shrimp heads they so happy. They eat and eat and eat. And my kids eat and eat! They love it so much. It made me feel so proud that I could give something like that to my family."

There wasn't much left for me to say after that. Mostly because I knew if I spoke I might burst into tears...

It is still amazing to me, that something like shrimp heads... which I would typically throw away, could mean so much to someone else. Lesson the Philippines has taught me #346.