Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Luck Be A Lady

Dear Manila Motorcycle Men,

You are lucky.
You are lucky you got away with that purse.
You are lucky American Airlines wouldn't let my friend purchase her plane tickets online.
You are lucky she had to go up to Manila to do so.
You are lucky that in order to purchase those tickets she had to carry passports, credit cards, plane tickets, residency cards, drivers license and cash... which she wouldn't normally do.
You are lucky you were in the right place at the right time.
You are lucky she didn't catch you as you ran off.
You are lucky we have yet to get a hand gun license.
You are lucky you are not the next man who tries to steal our purses, because he will rightfully end up with a bullet in his ass. We talked about... we will aim for his ass in order to hit his sciatic nerve. It won't kill him, but he will think about the time he tried to take the wrong American's purse every time he takes a step.
You are lucky that truck didn't pull out in front of you as you took off on your motorcycle.
You are lucky you didn't flip over the windshield like they do in the movies, so everyone in the streets could beat the hell out of you.
You are lucky you got away.

I realize we are lucky.
We are lucky none of us got hurt.
We are lucky that everything in that purse is replaceable.

My only hope is that our luck doesn't run out, and yours does...
Because if that's the case...
You got hit by a bus today.

Lucky you,