Friday, October 16, 2009

Jeepneys are AWESOME: I think I said awesome way to many times in this post.

Ever since we went on our road trip Lee has been on a mission to find a car of his own.

Me: So... we are gonna get a car?

Lee: Yeah. What should we get?

Me: Umm... obviously we should get a jeepney! How awesome would that be?

(Totally awesome right?!?!)

Lee: A jeepney? You want a jeepney?

Me: Duh! And I'll tell you why...
#1. It's awesome! There is no other place in the world where we would be able to drive a jeepney. It's completely Filipino. And 10 years from now we can be all, "Remember when we were in the Philippines and drove a jeepney... hahahaha... that was awesome!" See!?!

#2. I could decorate it! I will make it look completely awesome!!! I can write Muse on the back! And hello... I have a company that creates vinyl lettering. It's like it's a sign or something.

And #3. Well, I don't have a number 3. But it doesn't matter because think of how cool it will be to drive a jeepney! Obviously, we have to get one.

Lee: Eh.

Me: Eh? Name one reason why we shouldn't get a jeepney?

Lee: Well, for starters there's no air conditioner...

Me: Oh.

Lee: And there are no windows... it's either open air, or the snap sides, so we wouldn't be able to leave things inside...

Me: We don't leave things inside anyway.

Lee: our golf clubs. After we play and you want to stop for lunch. Or like when we left things in the car on our road trip.

Me: Oh.

Lee: Plus everyone will be able to see us... and it's not like we don't get stared at enough... it will be worse... we will be the goofy white people driving a jeepney.

Me: Ok. Those are all excellent points... Well, then we should just buy a jeepney so I can decorate it!!

Lee: *blank stare*

We didn't get a jeepney.