Friday, October 30, 2009



The one day a year I am certain my dog hates me.

Case in point...

Halloween 2006

Mr. Bigg the parrot
Possibly the best costume ever...

Halloween 2007
Mr. Bigg in a pumpkin.
It was just far too tempting...

Halloween 2008
Mr. Bigg the bee.
Because it's hilarious...

Halloween 2009
Mr. Bigg BBQ

When people found out I was bringing my dog to the Philippines I got a lot of, "You're going to take your dog? I hope they don't eat him... hahaha." (Ha. Ha. Ha. You're an idiot...)

So when I found this awesome bone... I couldn't resist.

He's a Barbecued Bigg!

Street vendors would want the big bucks for this delicacy...

And then...

I couldn't help myself...

This kept me entertained for quite some time... he was pissed.

Happy Halloween!!