Monday, October 12, 2009

All The Single Ladies

The American bachelorette party tradition has officially been brought to the Philippines.

Sad, but true.

One of the local girls working with Lee is getting married in a couple weeks, and then our good friend Janice will start round 4 this weekend in Vegas; so a bachelorette party was in store.

I went to the mall in search of bachelorette sashes... all I found were pink veils in the toy store.

Me: Do you have any white veils? You know, for like a bride?

Toy Store Girl: Umm... no Ma'am.

Me: Hmm... ok, well do you know where I can get one in the mall? I'm going to a bachelorette party...

Toy Store Girl: *blank stare*

Me: Do you have those here?

Toy Store Girl: *blank stare*

Me: You know, bachelorette party???

Toy Store Girl: *total confusion*

Me: Bride... about to married... party... crazy girls... whoo-hoo! (embarrassingly enough... I even threw in what I can only assume was a "crazy girl...whoo-hoo!" arm wave... whatever that is... this led to more confusion, and probably horror.)

Toy Store Girl: ummm... No ma'am.

Me: Hmm... ok, well then I'll go with pink.


My embarrassment at the toy store was totally worth it when the bride-to-be put on her veil, and she was so overwhelmed tears started streaming down her face. She said, in her country only rich people have parties like this, and she felt so special that everyone would get together and do something like this for her.

Well, little did she know... the fun had just started.

What bachelorette party would be complete without a male stripper you ask?

Well plenty.

But not this one.

I will however use the term "stripper" loosely... because there was no stripping involved. And thank God, since he jumped out from behind the door sporting his whitey-tighties. I'm pretty confident no one wanted to see what was behind there.

So really, he was less of a stripper and more of a exotic dancer... although there was nothing exotic about it either.

It was mostly hilarious... and slightly painful to watch.

So most of us didn't...