Friday, September 4, 2009

Road Trip Weekend - Just Getting Started

Filipino Road Trip Weekend

***Please note: All stories of activities which may or may not be illegal, immoral, or just plain stupid have been omitted to protect the integrity of our reputations... plus Filipino prison would probably suck!***

Plan: Leave 12:00 noon Saturday, August 29, 2009.
Actual: Rent car dropped off at the house at 12:50.... excellent.

*After we finish loading the car*

Me: Umm... I hope you remember to how to drive a stick...
Lee: It's a stick shift?
Me: Yeah...
Lee: Sweet!!

(Such a guy...)

Fact: Street signs in the Philippines are a lost art.

*20 minutes later...*

Me: Umm.. I think we are going the wrong way...
Lee: Are you sure?
Me: Umm... Calamias... Calamias??? Yep. Definitely... turn around.

*5 minutes later...*

Me: Ok, this is right! Whoo-hoo! Ya know... I'm really an excellent navigator. I'm probably the best navigator you've ever seen.
Lee: *Silence*
Me: Well, minus that little hiccup back there...

*15 minutes later...*

Lee: I think we should turn here, everyone else is turning here.
Me: Hmm.. I don't know, maybe just go a little bit further.


Me: Yeah... you should have turned back there...

*30 minutes later...*

Me: Tiaong! This is so right. I'm so good!

*20 minutes later...*

Lee: Shouldn't we be getting close?
Me: Yeah, but I don't see any of these barangays...(a barangay like village or community, and pretty much the only way to tell where the heck you are.)
Lee: You don't see Candelaria on the map?
Me: Nope.
Lee: It seems like a pretty big place...
Me: Uhh...It's not here....
Lee: Ok....
Me: Oooohhhh.... oops. We definitely need to turn around.
Lee: Seriously?
Me: Yeah... I had the map folded... we are so far out of the way we went past the fold... oops.
Lee: How far out of the way?
Me: Umm... don't be mad.
Lee: Ok...
Me: Like 20 minutes...
Lee: You're serious?
Me: Yep
Lee: Why wouldn't you have where we are going in the middle of the map? It doesn't really make sense to put it close to the edge....
Me: Whatever.


Driving in the Philippines is similar to playing a dangerous video game, but instead of getting extra points for avoiding obstacles you just get to live for a little bit longer. I swear, we are driving down the road, and it's all...

Jeepney. On the right. Swerve. Tricycle. In your lane... straight ahead. Horn. Man selling peanuts. Watch out! People crossing the street. Slow down. Dog. Horn. Dog still not moving. Horn again. Come to a stop. Dog finally moves. Jeepney on the left. Jeepney on the right. Jeepney's are freakin' everywhere!! Tricycle. Tricycle. Stand still. Horns. Kids running down the street. Dog. Loose basketball. Baby selling baskets... It never ends.

I think we did pretty good though. I only thought we were going to die in a head on collision once. And when I freaked out, Lee reminded me that there was an ambulance in front of us... so it didn't really matter.

One thing is for sure... we had to be the only people driving around the Philippines with Texas country playing on the radio. No road trip is complete without it.

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