Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Road Trip Weekend - Hidden Valley Springs Resort

Me: Ok... look for a Caltex gas station and a sign that says Hidden Valley Springs Resort.
Lee: That's stupid...
Me: Why?... Because they shouldn't have a sign for a "hidden" valley.
Lee: hahahaha... you're on to me... That's awesome!
Me: No... it's scary. That means I'm starting to think like you.
Lee: You should be so lucky... My mind's a treasure.
Me: ?


The resort was definitely hidden. We had to ask around and drive out into the middle of no where to find it. It was a great place though. You are literally in the middle of the jungle, and they have several natural spring pools, both warm and cool.

This is the warm pool...

We went there at the crack of dawn because I was too scared to trek into the jungle at night when we got there. Do you know how many horror movies include a couple in a hot spring getting hacked into little tiny pieces? But I'm not paranoid or anything...

Later we went on a hike...

300-year-old trees... very cool.
Note: Self timer on your camera... genius.

Then I got attacked...

Obviously we couldn't go trekking through the jungle without Crocodile Hunter accents... that's what those were supposed to be in case you were completely confused. Although I couldn't stay in character with bugs swimming in my eyes.... I will say however that our accents sounded much better then, in real time, then they do on the video now... hmm.


Me: You know... in spite of everything... I am an excellent hiker.
Lee: You are not an excellent hiker.
Me: Yes I am.
Lee: No you're not. But at least you try...
Me: No. I'm an excellent hiker. It's not my fault that bugs conspire against me and try to blind me by flying in my eyes...
Lee: *blank stare*


Then we headed for the lover's pool... for luuvvaaaasss... which is how we pronounced it the entire time... if you have no idea what I'm talking about... then I feel sorry for you. Best of Will Ferrell? SNL? Lover's in a hot tub?? Still no? Watch This!

Random conversation of the day...

Lee: Yeah... so how do animals know when to bone here?
Me: *blank stare*
Lee: ???
Me: I'm writing that down...
Lee: You know, I meant there's no seasons here... It's a good question - shut up.

I can only assume he was referring to a conversation we had hours earlier... when I commented on how many baby kittens and prego dogs I've seen lately.

You have no idea what it's like being me...