Monday, September 21, 2009

The Philippines stole Starbucks

Lee and I went to Manila this past weekend. And with every trip to Manila there is a required Starbucks stop.

Me: Hi. I'd like a Venti iced green tea.
Barista: (Do you still call them a barista even if it's a guy? Seems like it would be baristo... hmm... anyway) Ok Ma'am!
Me: Ok, now, I want an Iced Green Tea... not the Iced Green Tea Latte... I've had that, it tastes like grass... Iced Green Tea. (Obviously I've had this problem before.)
Barista: *Confusion*
Me: Green Tea. Iced. Venti.
Barista: *Leaves counter to go whisper with other barista/baristo* *Head shaking*
Me: *Impatiently waiting*
Barista: Sorry ma'am. Not available. Our iced tea is passion fruit.
Me: Hmmm... not available... Right... Do you have hot green tea?
Barista: Oh yes ma'am! Hot green tea we have!
Me: Yeah... give me a Venti hot green tea... and a cup of ice.
Barista: Ok ma'am!


Lack of communication? Maybe.
Lack of common sense? Most definitely.

I think Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, should know that taking this company global was not good for quality control.

"A global company The Starbucks Experience is about passion for a quality product, excellent customer service, and people. With over 4500 coffeehouses in 47 countries, it is clear that our passion transcends language and culture."

Nope. They are going to need more than passion to transcend this language and this culture.

Also, when I got on the Web site to copy their "global company" statement, I searched the global locations. The Philippines wasn't even listed. Obviously Howie doesn't even know Manila stole several Starbucks branches and they are now operating illegally.

This totally makes sense now.

Case solved.