Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't worry... Let your baby play in the Shark Tank

After our visit to the Fort we made our way to the Ocean Park Aquarium...

Below are 8 reasons why I may never scuba dive again...

Can't see the video... click here.

Lee and I were laughing about how some of the things they do at the Aquarium in the Philippines would never fly anywhere else.

Like the Fish Spa... You can go and stick your feet in the water with a bunch of fish and let them bite your feet. This can't be good for your feet or the poor fish who are eating your nasty foot fungus.

Then there is the open shark tank. Where you can go right up to the glass, and grab a fin if you like. Sure they have a small sign that says, "Hands Off." But honestly, who is going to pay attention to that? Not the half a dozen people we saw with there hands in the shark tank.

Not to mention the little boat you can take out in the middle of the shark tank. You know, your average little paddle boat with a big hole in the bottom so you can see the sharks. Safe for the whole family... the advertisement shows a baby in a life jacket... in a shark tank.

Sure... Black Tip Reef Sharks aren't the most aggressive members of the shark family... but they are curious and they will bite you if you are splashing around in their home.

Not the best place for baby... even I know this.

While looking at the sharks....

Lee: (quietly... through gritted teeth) Hey. Turn around a look behind me... are those girls taking pictures of me?
Me: *Turn around... playing it oh so cool* Umm... ha! Definitely.... hahaha. She is standing right next to you... and they are both laughing.
Lee: Great...
Me: Wow, they are still going at it. They are taking a bunch. They either think you are famous, like everyone else in this country... or they just think you are tall and goofy looking...
Lee: ha! Watch this...

All of sudden Lee turns around super fast and gives the camera a big cheesy grin. The girls take one last picture and run away shrieking with laughter, and probably pretty embarrassed.

Me: That was the best thing I've ever seen. The highlight of my weekend!