Thursday, August 6, 2009

Uncle Sam is a Bad Ass

I think I'm starting to get home sick. In fact I know it.

Besides missing the obvious stuff like family, friends, Target, and Mexican food... I'm starting to miss other stuff.
My first clue was when I started to miss things like milk...

The milk here comes in a box, and it's not refrigerated which is totally unnatural if you ask me. It's like water in a can... who thought that one up?
Warm milk in a box.... total turn off.

I actually squealed in the middle of the grocery store when I found pasteurized milk in the refrigerated section. But when I got it home, and took a big drink... it tasted like cheese. I spewed it all over the kitchen counter... total bummer.

Then last night...

Me: I was watching a movie today and it made me homesick.
Lee: Oh yeah.
Me: This guy is walking through the streets of New York and there are big buildings and real streets and everybody is wearing nice clothes, and they all look like they've showered... even the homeless people look classy.
Lee: Classy homeless people?
Me: Yes.

When I started missing homeless people... I knew I was in trouble.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of them here... but to watch these people it's unbearably heartbreaking. They just stare at you with these pitiful eyes...

American homeless people know they have to sell you on themselves before you're giving a handout, so they'll talk your ear off until you give them money or until you threaten their lives.

I miss the homeless people of downtown Houston with their outrageous tales as to why they're homeless... it's not their fault of course... it never has to do with anything they did... they are all a victim of circumstance.

Or there's the inevitable... "I don't drink and I don't do drugs," as they stand there toothless slurring their words and twitching... in front of the liquor store.

My favorite is.... "I'll shine your shoes for a one dollar." And I'm all, "I'm wearing flip flops." And he's all, "Ok, well you can just give me a dollar."

Those jokers would talk to you all night long if you let them. They're salesman... and they're practically entertainers, and I'm starting to miss them.

Yesterday, I made Lee buy me Newsweek because of the rockin cover...

In the bookstore...

Me: Yeah! America does Rule! I need this.
Lee: Why?...
Me: Uh... duh. Look at it. Uncle Sam is a total bad ass.

Of course... I haven't read it... but I'm thinking of making the cover my computer background.

Lee keeps reminding me that living here will help me to appreciate everything back in the states that much more.

He's right...

But don't tell him I told you.