Monday, August 3, 2009

The Sequel to Titanic

Last week we went to up to the elementary school on our day to volunteer. It has been a month since we started the program and it was the first time to weigh the children to see if they have made any progress in their weight gain. A group of nursing students were invited to help participate in the weighing process. The nursing students were very excited to see us, they wanted to take pictures with us and ask us a million questions....

Uber-Feminine Guy: O-M-G, where are you from?
Me: The states... Texas.
Bucktooth Chic- Texas?
Me: Yeah
Uber-Feminine Guy: OMG do you know Beyonce Knowles?!
Me: Well, I know who she is... she is actually from Houston... where I live.
Bushy Eye Brow Girl - OMG we love her
Me: Yeah... she's pretty cool
Uber-Feminine Guy: Is she black? or white? She's white right?
Me: Ummm.. I'm pretty sure she's black. She's not super dark though. (Is this a joke?)
Uber-Feminine Guy: What about Mariah Carey?! Do you know Mariah Carey?
Me: Well.. I know who she is... I don't know her.

At this point I am just getting a lot of really confused looks.
Do they think that because I'm an American I actually know these people on a personal level?

This confusing game continues for quite a while... I'm losing more and more patience with each new name they throw out. We went through a very long list of celebrities, and had the exact same conversation about each one.


Uber-Feminine Guy: What about Leonardo DiCaprio?
Me: Yeah. I know who is.
Bucktooth Chic: So you know Leonardo Dicaprio?
Me: Sure, he's great.
Uber-Feminine Guy: He was so fabulous in Titanic. Have you seen the second one?
Me: The second Titanic?
Bushy Eye Brow Girl: Yeah, Titanic 2
Me: There is no sequel to Titanic...
Uber-Feminine Guy: Oh, yes there is... I saw it.
Me: The boat sank. How could there be a sequel?
Uber-Feminine Guy: Oh there is... I saw it on YouTube. Jack is alive.
Me: Hmmmm... well I'll just have to look that up when I get home won't I?

I would give anything to have had this conversation video taped. They were dead serious. The best part is I actually went to YouTube... check out the trailer for Titanic 2.

Someone actually took the time to make a trailer for a movie that doesn't exist by using clips from all of Leonardo DiCaprio's movies... Obviously, the spoof didn't translate. Hilarious.