Friday, August 21, 2009



If you were going to defecate on the side of a busy street would you...

A. Stand out in the open in front of several shops and people.

B. Pull your pants down, and point your bare bum skyward

C. Bend over and blow liquid poo out of your bung hole towards the street and passing cars

D. All of the above.

If you answered D, then you might be the woman I saw doing just that, while I was on my way to Alabang.


Me: OMG! You will not believe what I saw today. It was so disturbing!
Lee: What?
Me: A woman pulled her pants down, on the side of the road, and blew water out of her butt hole! In front of a lot of people.
Lee: Ha! I guess she really had to go.
Me: Well, she could have at least hid behind a tree or go behind a building.... something... maybe face the other direction.
Lee: No way, facing the street is worse. Then all the passing cars can see the facial expressions you make, while water is coming out of your butt. Plus, if they see your face, then they know who you are.
Me: Excellent point.