Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Over Par...

Last weekend one of our friends held a golf tournament to celebrate the re-opening of his golf course in town... Lee had been planning on playing in the tournament for weeks, I had not. I hadn't played in months and I knew it would be disastrous... in the end... I was badgered in to playing.

*Highlights of the day*

- Off the first tee I hit the ball straight right and almost knocked some neighborhood kids off the retaining wall. But they deserved it. They were yelling at me in Tagalog. They found my ball and offered to sell it back to me for 5 pisos. I declined. After all it was obviously a bad ball.

- On hole two I put my driver in the bag, and never took it out again...

- Hole #3... Par 3... Lee knocks the ball 2 feet from the cup... I hit it in the bunker...

- On about the fifth hole my caddie asks.... "Sooo... what is your handicap?" Hmmm... rude. (For those of you unfamiliar with golf he wasn't asking me if I was disabled... although I was playing like I may have had several disabilities...)

- After the first nine Lee and I started a bet... 100 pisos a hole... to make the things more interesting... maybe we'll play better under pressure...

- Hole #10, Lee hits a perfect drive straight down the middle.... when did he get better than me? Jerk. But... the little kids run out in the fairway and steal his ball. Priceless. They tried to sell it back to him, but the security guard came over and got Lee's ball back. Dang.

- Hole #18 - Birdie!! To tie the bet! Whoo-hoo. The only one all day... and the only reason I will ever play this awful game again.

After the round was over... and they wrote my unbelievably high score on the chalk board for everyone to see... I got out of there as quickly as I could.

The next day was the awards ceremony... which we didn't attend for obvious reasons...

Well, after work on Monday... Lee comes home with this...

What is that you ask?

It's my trophy!!!

For winning the ladies flight.... hilarious!! Lee and I laughed about this for a long time. I play the worst round of golf I've played since I was like 14 and I win a rockin' awesome trophy!
And no... I wasn't the only girl... there were like 5. So ha!

Look at her... she even has a ponytail and she's wearing a skirt!

I'm keeping this trophy forever.