Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Dog... the racist

It's official.

My dog is a racist.

He doesn't like Filipinos... which is getting a little awkward, since we do actually live here in all.

Sure Mr. Bigg barks at most people initially, but once you walk through the door he's over it.

However, if you happen to be Filipino he barks at you, then stalks you. Watches you wherever you go, and growls at you when you come near him or talk to him.

He first started doing this to Lina, our "property manager." I thought maybe he just didn't like her because she always brought strange people over to the house, who may or may not fix what was broken.

(Speaking of which... as of Tuesday we officially have hot water in our shower!!! It only took 3 different repair guys, 12 visits to the house, and 4 months to figure out what Lee said was wrong on day one.... hmmm. But who cares... we have hot water!! Well, only when the water pressure is high enough to turn on the heater... so not in the mornings... and not always in the afternoons either. Some how this doesn't seem like quite as big a victory when I see it in black and white.)

Growling at Lina and the worthless "handy" men I understand; often, I want to growl at them too.

Then there is Gloria, a maid for one of the other ex-pats. She makes him dance... on his hind legs, and sometimes she swings him in circles. He runs and hides from her when she comes to the house. This also makes sense.

And there is Nolie, one of the yard guys... who in my opinion does an awesome job. After all he sits in the yard all day long pulling out the nut grass with tweezers. Impressive.

Mr. Bigg doesn't think so... he growls at him, and won't let him through the gate.

So I've had my suspicions about his chihuahua supremacist behavior, but today his discrimination towards Filipinos was confirmed when he bit our housekeeper, Chat.

Poor sweet Chat, of all people. She's the best!

I was furious...

Me: I can't believe you bit her! Chat is so sweet. Plus, she is the best (and only) maid I've ever had! She even folds the clothes in my dirty clothes hamper. If she quits because of you, I'm kicking you out to the street and you can live with the nasty cats.

Yes. I realize this sounds like an irrational conversation to have with your dog.
Yes. I probably talk to Mr. Bigg more than the average person would/should talk to their pets.
And yes. Before we leave here I will have turned in to that "crazy dog lady," if I haven't already.


In my defense, he got really sad and went and laid in his crate.
I'm pretty sure he understood almost everything I said.

The Prejudice Puppy

.... After I told him the last picture made him look fat.

I told you he understands....