Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I drink pieces of *!@# like you for breakfast

I'm about to drink cat poop.

Well, coffee made from cat poop. Maybe you've heard of it?

Have you seen The Bucket List?

One of the drivers mentioned that there is a native coffee here in the Philippines which comes from cat poop. Turns outs out he's right...

Here's a few Wikipedia facts for ya...

- Kopi is the Indonesian word for coffee, Luwak is the local name of an Asian Palm Civet

- A Civet is a wild cat or weasel found in parts of Southeast Asia including the Philippines.

- In the Philippines the Tagalog translation is Kapeng Alamid. The local civet, scientifically known as Paradoxorus Philippinensis, is an endangered species currently aided and protected by the cultivation of civet coffee.

- Kopi Luak is the most expensive coffee in the world, selling for between $100 and $600 per pound, and on average $65 per cup.

- It has been called the world's most expensive beverage.

How it's made...

"Civets consume the red coffee cherries, when available, containing the fruit and seed, and they tend to pick the ripest and sweetest fruit. Thus there is a natural selection for the ripest coffee beans. The inner bean of the berry is not digested, but a unique combination of enzymes in the stomach of the civet add to the coffee's flavor by breaking down the proteins that give coffee its bitter taste. The beans are defecated, still covered in some inner layers of the berry. The beans are washed, and given only a light roast so as to not destroy the complex flavors that develop through the process. Light roasting is considered particularly desirable in coffees that do not exhibit bitterness, and the most pronounced characteristic of Kopi Luwak is a marked reduction in bitterness." - Wikipedia

So I'm about to try it.

Literally... I just made it, and it is sitting in front of me.


Hmmm.. It's pretty good actually. Tastes like coffee.

Which I guess makes sense. I don't know what I was expecting, I guess I built it up to be something spectacular... Don't get me wrong, it's good coffee, but I wouldn't pay $65 for a cup.

Me: Hey Chat, do you drink coffee?
Chat: Oh yes mam!
Me: Do you want try coffee made from cat poop?
Chat: ?
Me: Cat poop coffee?
Chat: ok...
Me: I found it in Tagaytay. The civet cat eats the red cherries, poops out the beans, then they wash it, roast it, and make coffee.
Chat: Mmmm... good coffee.
Me: Yeah, it's not bad for cat poop.
Chat: It is expensive?
Me: Sorta, not nearly as expensive as it is in the US.
Chat: So for that jar, how much?
Me: 450 pisos
Chat: 450!! Oh mam, this is coffee for rich people!! Oh thank you Lord!
Me: hahaha, well in the states, just one cup of it would be 3000 pisos.
Chat: hehehehehe, oh no mam! hehehehehe... I feel so special and honored! Oh thank the Lord and thank you.

Who would have thought that a cup of cat poop coffee would make her day?