Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red Cross

Ever since I've been here I've been wanting to do something to get involved with the community. I figured if I can't get a job, I should at least try and do something more than hanging around the house all day.

After a couple months of trying to figure out where we could be helpful, our group teamed up with the local chapter of the Red Cross and started a school feeding program.

The program consists of feeding local school children who are not getting all of their nutritional needs met for one reason or another. The Department of Education picked out a school that they thought would benefit from the program the most, and we will be feeding those children everyday over the next three months.

"The Wives Club" goes up to the school twice a week to help serve the food, and to be of service in any way we can.

On our first day the children put on a program welcome us to their school.

It was what you would typically expect... cute little songs and dances that the children had put together.

The kids were really shy at first, but by the end of the day we had made about 50 new best friends.

After the program, we got to take a tour of the school while we waited for the food to arrive.

Look how well behaved they are. Not all the children performed in the program, and the ones that didn't were left unattended in the classrooms. If this would have been a classroom in the states, we would have found those hyper little monkey's hanging from the ceilings...

(I have great respect for people who have the patience to be teachers... because God knows I am not one of them. Maybe I could have been one back in the day when you could paddle them or pop them with rulers... but not now. Now, you can't even get them in trouble because it's bad for their "self esteem"... oh please.)

... but not these kids. They all stood up when we came to the door, and in unison said, "hello visitors." We looked at their books and school work, and the made sure we embarrassed each of them before we left. And by the way, these kids have some of the best handwriting I have ever seen! And in english! The teachers told us that they learn to write in english first before tagalog because they know it is important to learn english first so they can provide them with better opportunities.

After the school tour it was time for lunch.

Most of these little kids shoveled the food in their mouths and many wanted seconds and thirds. You could definitely tell they were hungry.

During lunch some of the dancers came back out for an encore presentation....

And this video is definitely worth a minute and 15 seconds of your time.



Me: So who choreographed the dances?
Teacher: (puzzled look)
Me: The dances... that the kids are doing... who taught them the dances. Like that one we just watched.
Teacher: Oh me! (big smile on her face)
Me: Oh... they're great.

Really? The teacher taught her 8-year-old students that dance. That's appropriate.

I actually think our cheerleading squad may have gotten in trouble for using some of those moves... our sophomore year in high school...

I showed the girls the video of them on camera, which of course they thought was the coolest thing in the world. Which then started a really fun game of, "Take a picture of me!" "Can I see it?" They all thought this was amazing.

So here is one of the many...