Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Refinery

Batangas City has nightlife... who knew?

Last weekend Barney, a friend of ours that works with Lee, took us to a place called The Refinery. We had so much fun.

The Band... K 24/7 was awesome.

Oh and by the way Mr. Johnson... The keyboard player is what you would look like if you were Filipino. Lee and I think you look just alike, you have the same mannerisms too... very strange.

Best part of the night....

Me: What? (Lee is making the strangest face across the table from me.)
Lee: Nothing...
Me: Why are you making that weird face?
Lee: That girl behind you... I think she wants my body
Me: Haha... which one?

10 seconds later... Barney leans over to me..

Barney: You see that girl over there?
Me: Yeah...
Barney: That's a guy.
Me: Hahahahaha... well that's the same "girl" that wants Lee's body.