Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday I came stumbling down the stairs dripping with sweat, and sucking air....

Day 44 of P90X.

Well, to be honest... I have missed four days of P90X. But to be fair, all four days have great excuses.

The first day I missed was a couple weeks ago. We got these new giant puzzle piece tiles for the floor. They are made of a squishy-sports floor material, so now I no longer have to use a rug for a yoga mat. Well, I was in a most excellent down-ward dog pose when the floor started to slide out from under me. Before I knew what was happening the pieces came apart and I face planted on the floor. First my nose, followed by forehead, and then my knees. Where my damn hands were.... I'll never know. I laid in a crumpled heap moaning on the floor for a while, before realizing nobody was going to come upstairs and pick me up. Needless to say, that was the end of my work out. Yoga won that day. I fell off the yoga horse, and I was not about to get back on. Luckily, my nose was not broken, but my knees were purple for a whole week. Truly..."Death by Downward Dog."

That was day one... I missed day two, three and four because of scuba. Scuba is a good enough work out if you ask me. Between the weight belts, gear, and swimming around all day; P90X was out of the question.

So, back to yesterday.... me sucking air...

Chat: Oh mam, you look tired
Me: Yeah, it gets hot up there
Chat: You exercise so much, I can tell a difference
Me: Ha. Thanks Chat.
Chat: Before you were so slim, and you look so young... now you are getting muscles, you look so sexy. So beautiful.

Does this woman know how to get a raise or what? Even if she is a liar, she can definitely expect an increase in pay!